Greetings from Anchorage

I am just now getting my foot in the door. My brother owned a landscaping business in Colorado and I had a lot of fun helping him while I was on vacation. It made me want to run my own side business when I wasn’t working my normal job. I sat and though for a while on what I could do then it hit me I always enjoyed cleaning the windows when I was younger so I spent about 2 weeks watching videos and just got some basics from Lowe’s and Home Depot to get started plus a BOAB from the shop here.

I have one business that I know the owner really well so I get to practice techniques and stuff on her windows whenever I want. I’ll also get to test out new squeegee’s and stuff this way when I get to buying more… Which has been a pain trying to decide what I’d like to try because it’s expensive to ship stuff up here just to try it out.

Anyway I look forward to learning and growing with you guys. I’m going to get some practice in and then when I have my business cards in hand I’ll start to get some paying clients once I’m confident in my cleaning capabilities.


Hello neighbor. I am in Homer. Welcome to the forum!

Edit: Feel free to contact me at hbmincorp (note that there is not an actual space in my real email address)

Welcome let me know if you need help with tools.

Welcome dude. Enjoy this great community. lol