Greetings from another new member

Hi folks, my name is Andy and I live in the greater Nashville area of Tennessee and I have been in the window cleaning business for about 5 years. Most of my work is residential and I have 5 contractors that I do their CCU work and I have enough commercial work to take up 2 days a month. I find Window Cleaning Resources to be a great forum for sharing Ideas and expertise’s of window cleaners around the world. This forum has already helped me with some knowledge about the so called self cleaning windows, These wonders of the window world are starting to show up in my area and I need to know as much as I can thanks again. PS I also do Air Duct cleaning as an add on to my business.
SEE YA:cool:

Hey Franklin,
Welcome to the site. Glad you like it. Did you go to the IWCA convention last year since it was in your town? I’d love to say that I saw a lot of your city, but I never left the hotel. It was a humongous place.

Alex, yes I was there last year, I’ve been going to the conventions since Orlando it’s a good place to get my batteries recharges and get some great information. Opry Land hotel is ok but if they could have gotten the convention downtown in one of the big hotels you would have enjoyed it much more, there’s so much more to do downtown within walking distance to the hotels. I’ll look for you in San Diego.

I would have liked to done something in downtown Nashville for sure. I can’t agree with you more in regards to the convention recharging your batteries. It just gets me psyched to get back to work with fresh ideas. See you in California.

Welcome aboard, Franklin! Ive been here for about a month now. awesome, isnt it?:D:eek::smiley: