Greetings from Portland, Oregon

Greetings from Portland, Oregon

Registering a new business under Portland Window Cleaning. Our site is under development and we have 11 years in the business. We are already members here but wanted to register a formal company name. coming soon…

I can feel the love in this place…:smiley:


Welcome…How’s it workin in portland. I used to live there. But I was 6 years old when I left. How is it working in the rain? Do you have a lot of days off?

I have learned to like the rain, but there are days when it’s better to be safe and dry.

welcome:) I’m in Ohio and weve sure had our fair share of rain here!!

alot of weather seems to settle in Ohio

It must have followed the people.:smiley:


Although I’ve chartered and raced small boats for years, I am finally making the steps to become a liveaboard. This is a charming refrigerator magnet featuring the phrase, Greetings from Portland Oregon.