Hooked up my aquatap yesterday and the tube kept popping off the barbed connector.
What a p.o.s. this thing is, such a simple connector and they can’t even make it right, probably done in China, sooo frustrating, it just ruined my day and now I have to go the trouble of returning it and getting my money back, dang I hate this thing. Oh wait, I can’t get my money back because I won it in a WCR contest. Now I’m really upset because, stupid WCR, giving stuff away like that…
HAHA… Actually I love the AquaTap I just couldn’t resist doing a little parody of a recent complaint thread here that I found rather funny. I did have that problem with it yesterday but it’s an easy fix. The ease of using this is great. Just twist the pole and it shuts off or turns on. I tend to be really aggressive in scrubbing so I have to be careful about not twisting the pole and shutting off flow when I need flow. A minor adjustment in technique. A very cool little tool.

Woo you had me concerned there for a second :slight_smile:

I was about to say we have sold hundreds of these and so far I only heard about one tiny break in a barb. ( we sent out anew one right away )

Oh and for the remainder of this week - any WFP ordered gets a free Aquatap.

[video=youtube_share;K3pHMgXJzcc]Aqua Tap First Look - YouTube

Haha…I’m just worried that these ‘joke’ posts are going to give you a heart attack one day.

Is that the 16" Unger rectangle brush in the video?

Nope, its just the 11’ rectangle brush