Gum removal machine

Long story short:

I do hot water power washing for many of our clients. I got into gum removal and bought a daimer 5000 cvg.

Turns out to be a real easy sell removing gum for clients on a window route…the issue is our humidity makes the sidewalks dark with algae/mold/mildew. So even though this machine takes the gum right off, it then leaves white spots that are even easier too see.

If you have any fast food restys on your route, you will find the gum is on their QA list. A route removing gum is often easier to sell since the squeegee bob guy has no real sight for up selling this service. Nor does he have the machine.

I have the gum kit, new wand and one gallon of premix…entire thing for $2k plus shipping.

Our salesman just sells power washing now and that works better for us because we can get the gum (hot water) and clean the nasty sidewalks etc.

Not a good machine/service for anyone south of Georgia.

Looks like you could melt some serious Wisconsin cheese with that thing.

But I can fan with it.

How did you get it so cheap? the link lists it at $4800

Who said I got it cheap?

It is for sale. Interested?

My original post may not have been clear.

The machine is for sale