Gunk on windows

So haven’t started my business yet but trying to prepare as much as possible. Can’t start it for a few weeks so trying to learn beforehand. Anyways with bird poop, greasy fingerprints or any of the other countless things that can be on storefront windows, will a squeegee be enough to clean it most of the time? I really don’t want to use razor blades or steel wool in fear of scratching the window. Is my fear reasonable? Or would I be totally fine using the razor blades or steel wool? Thanks

Should be fine but… Murphy’s law is in effect. On storefront your gonna find that most of the glass is pretty well scratched already.

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I added a magic eraser to my storefront window cleaning belt recently

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Your squeegee dries and cleans the window off after you have scrubbed it.

With bird poop, have a spray bottle with your solution in it or just saturate it with your strip washer and allow a few moments for the wetness to do its magic. Then it will scrub off easier either with your strip washer or white pad and you can then squeegee it clean and dry.

If stubbornness remains, have a magic eraser handy, then wipe with a clean towel.

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I feel steel wool is an essential tool and, yes, you occasionally need a razor. Educate yourself on their proper use and you should be fine. There’s tons of info in search to help you with this.

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Bronze wool is an alternative to steel wool. Bronze wool will not rust like steel wool, and is not as aggressive. Bronze wool can be had in pads like steel wool, and in square pads that you put on a doodle bug. You can also get it to fit a T-bar, but those tend to be the MOST expensive bronze pads.

I use a scraper, wool (mostly bronze), and chems made for us window cleaners. I also have white pads, which I rarely use.

If you want to clean windows truly clean, you are going to need to use the tools of the trade.

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Have you tried a damp microfiber? More durable than erasers and just as good at scrubbing.

So far nothing he’s mentioned requires a razor or steel wool. It just requires scrubbing.


Until he tries to take scotch tape off with just a micro fiber.

Eh, skip it.

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Jared: Thanks for the heads up! The micro fiber towels I use come from a towel guy who specializes in car detailing supplies. The Microfiber towel I use is called a bug and grill cleaner. Very aggressive. It’s my wet sill and frame cloth. I’ll have to try a magic eraser side by side test.

I’m thinking of loading my Titan 2" razor scraper with the plastic blades that came with it. I use steel blades but I might give the plastic blades a try. Do plastic blades rust? :sunglasses:

I but those metal blade holders by the handful at home depot. Gotta see about that plastic thing. Or maybe someone could make a stainless one that you lose before it rusts out.

25 Plastic Double Edged Razor Blade and Titan Scraper

I use the plastics. Filmed windows mostly

Are you saying if someone puts scotch tape on a tinted window you can scrape it off safely with a plastic razor?

I still wont do it dry but yea. Alot of my outside film jobs need caulking. Plastic blades are great for taking off the old caulk and not scratch the film


hey guys newbie here. ran into something on a window today new construction. the stain or what ever it is ran down the window and you can’t feel it. Looks like it could be from the stucco. wool and magic erase no good owner said he tried a few chemicals nothing works. ANY IDEALS

Is it in the frame as well?

yes down the frame it’s white