Gutter Cleaning flyer design

hey guys, give me your thoughts on this flyer i’m designing


My opinion is your asking the customer/prospect too many questions. Do you not have the time? Just seems awkward. I don’t do gutters in Arizona, cactus just don’t shed enough but I’d word it. “Rain is coming and your gutters aren’t ready… Call us and they will be.” Type thing. Are you offering inspections?


I agree. Too many questions. Just give them an offer with a expiration date as a call to action.
Something like this:

Tis the season for gutter cleaning! Double up and save!

Two Guys Window Cleaning is offering our “2+ SERVICE SPECIAL”!

Schedule your FREE estimate and get two or more services for a reduced rate.

Windows are our passion, and we dig gutters.

Call today! 000-000-0000


i’m gonna keep the questions but i cleaned them up a bit

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Cleaning it up helped a lot, Ben.


I might like to see some filthies vs. clean on the front. Very compelling.

The pic reminds me of New England.

Do you need the word “and” or does just having them call for a two-deal-offer read better?

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i don’t want people to think that in order to get a free estimate they have to book 2 services, the and sort of separates that

Got it, then drop the “to” so it reads “and receive two or more services for special pricing.” To me the way it is worded is a wee bit awkward.

The “it’s that time of year” could probably have a better style/colour text to match the background. Maybe not the rainbow arc? And maybe read “it’s that time or year again” . Sounds smooth with “do your gutters need cleaning?”

I don’t have the best English, so I may be wrong :slight_smile:

A picture of full gutters would make more sense then some trees. You could even stage it yourself by dumping leaves in one so it looks nice.