Gutter cleaning game changer

Ive seen the product before, and like it as part of the process.

“end all/be all?” no.

I think the trick would be to ladder up to the downspout, and send it on its way.

But you still would need to recapture, at end spot.
So it helps for the ‘shitty ladder moves’ to an extent.

The real trick would be to find a way to drop and recover, that little motherfuc…
and go with some pressure (small diameter hose) to clear the down spout.

… all from a WFP pole.


Look good. Seems that it will also make a nice mess of everything below, windows, cars, driveways. Maybe an idea would be a catch net of some kind. Or maybe I am not seeing the whole picture.

If using a water feed pole did not make you any faster but made the job easier I wonder if that would be enough to make the investment. Just a thought.

If I did not need to do additional cleaning up after this mole does it’s thing, I would consider.

My thinking isnt about the mess it leaves below.

  • that I can handle.

I like the idea of saving shitty ladder moves.

Those gutters, above gutters/roofllne.
Or that far corner, on a slope below…where I can get to the main strip, but not to the far end.
“call that mother back to manageability.” lol

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The thing has a remote control, I would assume it goes in reverse, maybe.
If you you would only need 1 ladder placement per straight stretch of guttering.
As for the leaves I would just blow them away with the leaf blower as they fell from the robot.

Will it work when everything is wet and clogged?
Would it actually save time?

Safer sure, better? No idea. I’m actually getting out of gutter cleaning for a while. Focusing on glass only.

yes, put it in reverse and it puts all the leaves back in the gutter.


Why is that GlassMD?

Too slow of a process for the price. In my area gutters are often ignored until they can’t be any longer. I find it quicker and therefore more cost effective to do minimal ladder positions and drag the debris to me with an extension pole and a gutter tool, transfer to a 5 gallon bucket, transfer to large leaf bags so the clean up is minimal as well.

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Wow. It’s an irobot product. I would imagine it’s only a matter of time until the company figures out that homeowners don’t want to go up a ladder to begin with. They’ll create some pole or something so you can drop it in from the ground.

That being said, I can see that being useful. Messy, but could be great for very hard to reach areas you can’t reach with a gutter vac and can’t walk on the roof either.

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Why am I pausing gutters? - at this time, I am limited on days to do work. I just want to focus on windows this year as I prepare for full time. At that time, I may introduce it back. I may not. It would help to fill days but it’s not my forte. I’ll be doing glass work and window cleaning. Gutters maybe. It can be easy money. I may wait until I hire too.

Decisions, decisions.

This is probably the use for this tool.

I tell folks I have a $100.00 minimum. I focus on windows too, but If I have space to make another $100 or more, I’ll take it.

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I think I may offer to some as I clean windows. Pick and choose. Stick to the easy ones. I’m not willing to advertise for it this year again though. Too many inquires about gutter guards and what not. I just dont have time for it all. When I reach full time, I probably will again. I would like to see how busy I am first with glass and mirror as well as window cleaning.

One other thing I thought of. If their next version of this robot can clear out a downspout as well, this thing could start to take some jobs away, if the ladder situation is resolved as well…

Gets me thinking…