Gutter Cleaning Video Estimate

Gutter cleaning can be dangerous work and the added burden of removing guards and replacing them again neatly makes it certainly not a minimum charging type of job. I am with you on not landing certain ones. It is an add on service for me, I either get my price or I don’t do it. Good video.


Garry you’re in Florida right? I live up in the panhandle and the gutter cleaning market sucks for my area. I’ve seen people do it as low as 40 bucks a house and no higher than 70. Ive prices a few jobs higher in the hundred plus range and they came back with the oh well we found someone to do it for $40. But when I go give estimates and quoting $65-$70 dollars they eat it up like a deer eating corn.

I used to do it for $1 per foot. I ran in to so many that were a mucky neglected mess that it just was not worth it to me. I certainly wouldn’t do it for any less than that but raised it to $2 per foot, and I only charge for the length that I actually clean, as often times the whole gutter isn’t a clogged mess. Incidentally, I just clean out the debris and don’t scrub out the gutter, but do include flushing downspouts, and I bag up the debris. If I get called for just gutters it is a minimum of $100 to show up and clear even 20 feet of gutter. I also offer (if asked) to clean gutter surfaces. The “Gutter Edge” citrus gutter cleaner makes them look almost new again. There is a separate charge for that. I have had gutter jobs that ranged from $100 to $350. Not my favorite job to do, and not my main job of window cleaning. Not surprisingly people are more willing to pay someone $40 for $200 worth of work. One fall off the ladder and it is a game changer. Curious if those $40-$70 guys are insured? I would rather replace those low paying opportunities with more window cleaning. Funny how people will pay $200/$300 for clean windows, but put someone on a ladder removing wet, muddy, bacteria laden, often times heavy muck from their neglected drains and all of the sudden it is only worth pennies on the dollar to them. No thanks. Oh - and almost forgot the time I disturbed a nest of RATS and two of them ran down my chest and ladder! ARRGGHHHH. lol

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Luke, how is your Go Pro mounted on your waterfed pole? I have some ideas but wanted to get your opinion. Thanks!

Try a bicycle handle bar mount.

That was my thought too, I’ll try it.

Just my take on it.

When I go on window quotes with gutters, (especially the cherry picked easy gutters) I ask if they’d like a free gutter check while I’m there, pull this out, grab the video. Have landed thousands in add on dollars without ever touching my ladder.