Gutter guard installation

Hey guys, I have a gutter cleaning job tomorrow on a one story house with 5-7 gutters. I’m giving an estimate on guard installation with the type of guards that you slide under the shingle roof; should be fairly easy to do. My question is how much should I charge to install these type of guards? I figure it’ll take a few hours to complete but not extremely difficult.
How much per ft should I charge? TIA!

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Could work into it backwards, ie how much do you make or want to make per hour on average x number of hours / linear feet.


I hear what you’re saying but they don’t know how many ft of guards they have because it’s a lot left over from their neighbor’s who installed his.
It’s a 1200 sqft house with 5-7 gutters. I have no clue how long it would take me. I’m charging $129 for the cleaning and I figured $300 for the installation. Is that an average estimate for a typical one story house? Don’t want to underbid

I have no clue how long it would take me.

If this is the case, than it would seem you’ve never done it before. That’s fine, but understand, you’re not going to get it perfect the first time.

Here are some things you will want to have in mind when pricing a new revenue stream:

Watch videos which were filmed in real-time (not edited) and figure out how long it takes to install 1 length of gutter guard.

Do you have pictures of this house? Could you use the 1200 sq/ft measurement to guess at the ratio of the wall lengths?

Divide your best estimate of linear ft by the length of each gutter guard

Take that answer and multiply it by the time it takes to install 1 gutter guard

Add the time it takes to estimate the job + time it takes to purchase the product + time to put everything in your car associated with gutter guards + time to set up and take down of your ladder + time to pack up the job site + any labour you’re hiring.

Since you’re doing gutter cleaning, I’m guessing you already have driving covered in that revenue stream.

This should give you an idea of how long the gutter guard part of the job should take.

Now decide how much you want to make per hour and use the time estimate to figure out your job cost.


Yeah, this isn’t what I do nor do I plan on offering it as an add-on. One time thing since I’m already there. I want to win the bid so if anyone could ballpark it for me, I can go from there.