Gutter guards repurposed

Found this today at Bedbathbynd. It’s foam gutter guard trimmed down to 6" and being sold for $6? Finally a use for gutter guards.


Give me a pair of vice grips, and an 18" channel… and I can “SlimJim” you car.

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LOL, not saying nuthin.

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Yeah if you need a play area cage for a baby, it’s cheaper in the pet department.

Don’t have to… lol
“Serve and Volley,” my man!

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you laugh but that guy is making money on a simple product, not running around slinging water on windows for a living…

I laugh when I’m having fun.
If someone is making money while scratching his bawls, it makes no difference to ME.

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That’s unprofessional to have fun an laugh

Btw thanks for the laugh.