Gutter Guards?

Any of you out there do installation of any types of gutter guards?
We just started installing Rain Flow.

Check it out

I dont install gutter guards. But it’s funny you have this up cause I contacted your borther yesterday for a price on that stuff. I spent 30 mins on my roof yesterday in the pouring rain cause my gutters were fully loaded. Water was coming out in gallons over the side of my house. I need those bad boys lol.

Can you tell me more about rain flow gutter guards

Hey Show Me

The stuff is pretty neat. I researched allot of products before I decided to go with this one. Its very easy to install. You can buy it for about 3-4 bucks a foot. You can sell it installed for 7-12 bucks a foot.

I’m going to get some of that and try now that’s 7 to 12 dollars in product and install. Thanks does it ever get really wet and collapse?? Spell Check ?? LOL

No Once you feel it… You can see its pretty stiff stuff. It will not collapse. Now that price varies on install depending on how walkable the roof is, and how many corner pieces you have to trim.

I’m assume its easy to cut and install. Any it looks like it. They sell here will be trying it. Thanks Chris

NP … Yeah it is Very Easy to cut… You just need a good sharp set of scissors.
You can fill out a quick form here
and they will send you a free sample, in this little tiny piece of gutter. You can use that to show your potential customers how it works.

I am a distributor of Leaf Defiar Gutter Protection System. Basically the same thing.

Any long term reviews of the Rain Flow system? I have heard good things about the Waterfall Gutter Guards. Anybody use that?