Gutter ? Help

Just got back from a customers home, who has old plastic gutter covers he plans to replace them with a newer style plastic guard. Approx. 246 liner feet single story home with detached garage, he is going to purchase the replacement and wants me to clean the gutters then install the new covers. Does anybody have an idea what one would charge for the install. I have never done an install. I had a price for the cleaning then replacing a few covers, but now this is a bit different.:confused:

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About the gutter protection; I’d give him an hourly rate. How logn will it take you? If you think at least two hours, bid it for that as the minimum, and then a reduced rate for more time if needed.


Gutter Cleaning: $ 1.00/ft X 246’ = $246.00
Two hours Install Labor $60/hr X 2 = $120.00
Plus 1.5 additional hours $40 X 1.5 = $ 60.00

Total = $426.00

That will be a nice mornings work. Good chance of rain here in DFW in the next week. Maybe one of the wet days would be good for doing this job.

Good Luck.

We charge 2.75 per foot for installation [B]ONLY[/B] of wire mesh gutter guard with reinforced edge. The guard that we install is also fastened using 1/4" zip screws. We also overlap all the 90 degree joints so that they are stronger and covered better. Im thinking that you are installing the stuff they sell at Lowes or Home depot. I would probably charge them in the neighborhood of 1.50 to 1.75 per foot for installation. I am assuming that you are going to be using the snap in type on just straight gutters w/o 90 degree corners to mess with.


Sounds like a easy Rain Flow sale. I personally dislike all other screens/helmets, and if they worked this guy would not have to call for a cleaning.

Yeah, I was gonna mention that, but I thought the same as windowwasher did about the materials being from Lowes or Home Depot.

We install Rain Flow. Single level home, 246’, he’d be looking at least $1500 to $1700 depending on certain variables. But no less then $1500.00.

Does that price include the cleaning?

In my experience the plastic crap in the Texas sun/heat melt and end up becoming the reason the gutters get clogged. I talk my customers out of installing them and talk the ones that have them into removing them. I tell them it only prolongs the inevitable by a few months and then when they have to be cleaned it will cost them even more to have the screens removed, gutters cleaned and screens reinstalled. If there are alot of trees over the house they are even more useless. Talk them into a late spring/fall or yearly cleaning depending on their need.

Yes, that would be for everything. Cleaning, flushing and installation.

I have been charging $9 a foot if cleaning’s included, or $6-7 plus a cleaning fee. Whats funny is that I have tried to sell cleaning by the foot in the past ($1 first story $2 2nd story) and most thought that this was to high. Now most are happy to pay $3 a foot.:confused:
$1500 is not a bad half days pay though.

I Too have talked many out of this deal as well. I dont care where you are, Those screens suck!