Gutter Vacuum Buy or Pass

Good Morning, I have received my first gutter cleaning inquiry today. It’s an older house with some awkward angles, powerlines, high traffic close to the road, fairly high. Something I just don’t want to deal with from a ladder or roof, also due to health and safety rules. I have read love/hate reviews on guttervacs, do you have one, do you like? Thanks.

I have one, bought it used a few years ago. Comes in handy for homes like that but that’s the only time we use it as it’s not as efficient as the old fashioned way. Unless you’re planning on running into homes like that fairly often, probably not worth it.

why do you want to do gutter cleanout!? it’s dangerous, dirty and it stinks>

I use an extension pole from my pressure washer and stand on the ground and blast everything out. Easy.

dirty and stink don’t bother me, I’ve done worse. As for dangerous, that’s why I am looking into a guttervac. I am in Ontario Canada, and I don’t think you can just walk around on a roof cleaning the gutters unless you have a fall arrest system in place.


Gutter cleaning is such easy money and a nice break from fanning a squeegee sometimes. The vac would be on the bottom of the priority purchases list for me since I can just ladder, glove the debris, and snake a garden hose if need be. But if you have everything else you want already then go for it!

We won’t tell if you walk the roof.

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Back in 2017 I had a local restaurant chain who needed their high ceilings cleaned. I was already doing their windows and wanted to expand our services with them. I did the math on a SkyVac and built my quote around paying for the equipment. It was 17 locations and my quote covered labor, equipment and a small profit.

With that said had I not had this opportunity to quickly repay the investment not sure if i would have done it. $4k for vacuum is stout, but I can now use that same equipment to do gutters.

Long story short, make sure you’ve got the revenue to backup the purchase to insure your success.

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I didn’t end up getting the job but I’ll be looking into gutter options for the fall.

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It’s good for some situations and bad for others. It basically doesnt eliminate the use of ladders. There are some types of debris that it wont take and it often (EVERY OFTEN) gets clogged. Doing gutter cleaning by ladder is faster and more efficient but its safer by vacuum