Gutter Vacuuming System For Sale - Like Brand New

I am selling my SkyVac 85 240V Industrial Wet Dry PRO Gutter Vacuuming System
and other cleaning equipment. I am selling this Gutter Vacuuming System due to health reasons. I had a cervical fusion last year and I am having carpal tunnel and cubital surgery on June 19th. I had a very good business but I just can’t do it anymore.

It has only been used a few times so it is in “Like New” condition”.

Here is a description from the SkyVac website:


Industrial SkyVac 85 240V 3 Motor System (Wet & Dry)

3 Motor System for North America. Requires 30 amp electrical source.

Requires Customer Electrical conversion as this unit comes with a standard British Plug

Suitable for: Industrial and Domestic Gutter Cleaning, Wet or Dry application

Key Features

3 Industrial Strength Vacuum Motors giving huge suction power of 150 inches of Water Lift.

New side glide entrance eliminating time consuming blockages associated with front entrance machines

Unique PowerMix feature gives 50% more suction lift power than it’s nearest rival
All Terrain Steel chassis with Stainless Steel container
Tipping Chassis
Multi Purpose Washable Cartridge Filter
Locking Front Castors
Included as Standard in each kit

Industrial Wet & Dry vacuum
Carbon Fiber poles approximately 5 ft or 1.5 meters long
Approximately 20 ft or 6 meters of flexi pick up hose (65mm Diameter)
Crevice tool
Metal dirt breaker
Tapered end tool
Daily end tool and long reach tool
135 degree blue tool holder
180 degree blue tool holder
Pole and accessory carrying bag
Vacuum specification

Vacuum 150" water lift 374 (MBAR)
Air flow Movement: 2113 gallons or 8000 Liters per minute
Motor wattage: 3300 (3 motors)
Decibel level: 72
Container capacity: Approximately 20 Gallons or 78 Liters
Mains connection: 240 volt/ 30 amp
Height: 1080 mm
Weight: Approximately 80 lbs or 36kg
Power Cable Length: Approximately 32ft or 10 meters

The SkyVac 85 has a very durable wet/dry HEPA filter located under the head. It is easily removed by the twist of a knob. It is very durable and lasts quite a long time if properly cleaned after each day’s use.

I paid $2999.00 new for it and I am asking $2499.00.

I can deliver anywhere within 300 miles of Roanoke, Va for $40.00.
My phone number is 540-488-4664. Leave a message and I will call you back.

Curious ! How does this thing work with wet leaves ?

Thanks for your question. I will be happy to answer any questions:

It works really well with wet leaves. If the gutters are packed from not cleaning in a long time, it can suck up the debris but it does take longer than dry or just wet leaves.

Here is a link to a video of the system:

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How much more efficient would this be compared to using a commercial shopvac & building your own attachments with ovc or something?

I would buy this because it looks like a beast but it’s out of my price range as I am just starting off.

I have thought about builiding one myself but don’t know how well it would work

A commercial shop Vac probably won’t have the “suck” or lift like one of these. You could build one pretty easy from a 55 gallon steel drum and two 3 stage vac motors. The problem is going to be in the pole system. Anything other than carbon fiber is probably going to be heavy and unwieldy.

These units might be pretty nice, but I have heard from other guys to “save your money” and just use gutter spoons. I guess these are not as nice as they are made out to be. And to be honest, if you had wet gunk in the gutters, you wouldn’t know they are clean unless you bought the camera package. That is another huge expense on this system.

It interests me for 2nd story gutters but after reading your comment I am not sure.

I am not sure what you read in my comment that made you unsure. It is great for 2 stories and it will save you not only time, but also it will keep you and your guys off a ladder 90% of the time. It is much faster than climbing up and down the ladder to clean gutters. Did you look at the video in my post? You will see in that video the suction is powerful enough to suck up big clumps of debris. I want to be honest in my telling you about how well it work.

My comment was about gutters that have not been cleaned in years and are really packed with debris. Like the ones that have “trees growing out of them”. Most gutter jobs are not that bad and it works really well. It works great for leaves and debris that is either wet or dry. It also can be used to blow the leaves out of the gutter, if you prefer.

My suggestion is to call SkyVac and ask them to give you the names of users of the system so they can give you other opinions.

SkyVac USA & Canada

1600-204 Olive Chapel Rd

Apex NC 27502

Phone: 844-759-8227

I am not an expert, but in my opinion, I don’t think you could build a vacuum as powerful as this one. Did you look at the other Vacuum I have for sale which is smaller and cheaper but is very powerful also? I have a friend in Princeton, West Virginia who bought the smaller system, SkyVac Atom and he is very happy with it. If you would like to talk to him, I could give you his information.

You can go to SkyVac’s website and compare the suction power and rating to what you could build yourself. If you go to the site and compare the LPM (Air Liters per minute) 3800
and Water Lift: 110 inches, it may help you with your decision.

Thanks for your interest.

I have no doubt the vacuum works, it’s just out of my price range at least for now.

That’s why I was asking how much more efficient they are compared to rigging up a commercial vac to do the same & Hoosier is the one who said you could build one.

I would love to have one of these but I am just not busy enough to be able to afford one at this moment.

Sorry if I hijacked your post, it was not my intention & I hope you are able to sell it quick. One of the bigger more established guy would be able to put this to good use.


Could you contact me offline about this.

Yes. let me know how to get in touch. 540-488-4644 or