Gutter whitening Questions

I haven’t been able to find Gutter Zap Or F13 at my local suppliers, is there something that comes close that’s available in Canada?

Today I did my first whitening job using Fantastick (as has been mentioned on these forums). I was quite happy with the results except for the striping you often see. (electrostatic-bonding?) So I would like something stronger than Fantastick to get rid of them.

I was real thrilled to do a whole house using only pole, brush and hose. Give the ladders a break for a change. The customer was quite thrilled with the results as well.

If I can find something that will take care of the striping, then I’ll push this service for sure. (I don’t like settling for almost 100% clean) Great money in it, that’s for sure.

Another question. This customer asked me to clean the gutter exteriors and the soffit. Do you folks include both, offer both or try to keep it to the gutters only?

Mark you may wanna try a product called Karnac. It should be available at a home depot. Mix it with a bit of simple green. Roofers use it to clean there tools. It doesn’t work near as well as gutter zap though.

We charge $2 a foot for GW and an additional .75 cents for that little lip underneath.

Ive been preaching the awesome of gutter whitening for years now… Im glad some people are getting on with it.

I’m all about ‘The right tools for the job’ and although I’ve been asked in the past to just spray the gutters and soffits with nothing more than a hose and water, I really want to do the job right. That way you can effectively market the service.

I’ve searched for Karnac in my local Home depot with no luck. Available Chemicals/solvents can vary greatly between US stores and Canadian because of environmental laws.

I have found some siding cleaners that I might try if I don’t find anything else. Mind you, the Fantastick did a much better job than I thought.

For pricing I’ll probably just price per hour.

I purchased some of this product at Wal-Mart:

Did you try it out yet?

I don’t know if F-13 is available from any place other than Pressure Tek. I guess you are trying to avoid the cost of international shipping charges but if not you can order it from their website.

Of course Gutter Zap is available online too but shipping will cost you even more per oz. of usable mix than the F-13 will.

As far as cleaning the soffets, I do those when I am power washing a home only. I will clean the exterior black streaks off of gutters as a stand alone project or along with an interior gutter clean out or along with a total house power wash.

I use the black streak remover for awnings - good stuff, can’t see why it won’t work on gutters. I wouldn’t have thought it would remove heavy build-up though without a lot of dwell time or extra scrubbing.

I’ve used it with good results on vinyl awnings.

I’m waiting for an annual WC client to finish their interior painting later this month before scheduling gutter cleaning, whitening, and WC’ing. I’ll be trying on their streaked gutters at that time.

Just curious to the outcome of the Products on this thread as of 2012, any thing at all and how does that product work on aluminum gutters llaczko?

I was curious as well about this. I was thinking of adding this service to my arsenal but someone told me to be very careful with the solution that it doesn’t damage the siding and whatever else it might drip on. Is this an issue? Also, does gutter zap work well enough that you can do it with just a pole? In other words can you get enough leverage with a pole on gutters 2 or 3 stories up to clean them well enough? It seems like a no-brainer add on since we already do gutter cleaning, I just haven’t been able to try it yet.

F13 made ma a lot of money last year. :slight_smile:

Have you used this yet? I have been using krud cutter and been having mixed results, sometimes it works really good other times the stripes are still there.

Bleach white tire Cleaner works great but you need to be up a ladder to apply it

Mixed results on gutters. It worked better on a vinyl awning I cleaned.

Gutter Zap worked well for me with a pole and truck brush.

I’ll purchase some F13 on my next order with Bob.


I’m going to have to change my sig tag, claiming F13 maybe the Herioshemia (sp) for gutter whitening!

I used to do pressure washing for six years. We didnt offer gutter brightening but I tested several things over the years and despite all this fancy stuff you can but a good old bottle of Wesleys Bleach White for car tires always did the job best…spray on wipe off or rise off.

I’ll second that motion on the bleach white. That’s the only product I’ve had success with removing black streaks from gutters.

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Just wondering what’s a good price to charge for GW currently? I’m thinking $2 per foot. Considering time, labor (mostly all of the ladder sets), material, etc…

I’m thinking of adding the service to my luxury package for house washing. Thanks for any help in advance.