Gutter Zap

I heard about this stuff some time ago and need to know where to find it. Anyone know?

Sun Brite Supply:

Gutter Zap is awesome. I can say from first hand experience this stuff works great. Gutter Whitening can be extremely profitable.

I too am very happy with the over-all performance of gutter zap,although i have had some gigs where all that was needed is to spray on & wash off.I have also had a few where scrubbing was needed to help boost the effectiveness.

Yeah I would say its about 50/50. Its great when it just rinses off. Sometimes we use a brush on one of those big Unger poles (polezilla). Then other times you have to get right up there on a ladder and hand scrub off.

Theres also this other stuff called Karnac that works ok. You can get it at H depot its used for roofers to clean up there tools.

Thanks guys. I appreciate the help.

Where it can get difficult is when your dealing with the black streaks on gutters “electro-static” bonding.Thats where gutter zap usually performs well but…as mentioned sometimes scrubbing is needed.

I was talking to a guy at the IWCA conv in Nashville he said that “fantastik” worked for some as well.

I did also hear gasoline works too!

That sounds like a great idea:rolleyes:

Soft Scrub w/ Bleach also works but you have to be face to face with the gutter to scrub it on and rinse off.

Gutter Zap is great because most of the time you can just spray it on (X-Jet) and rinse off. A little agitation with a brush on a pole like Chris said is needed occasionally too.

I’m looking forward to trying it on a new customers 2nd pwing in the spring w/ an X-jet.

Works great at removing the gutter’s paint?

Dunno? Funny thing is i heard that from one of the fella’s that work at “Delco”

Well – don’t keep us hanging – what exactly did you hear (instructions, explanation to customer, etc.)?

Dont know if i’d be quick to let potential clients know? Although it was being tossed around in Nashville,just one of many tricks from what i gathered!

I believe it was related to the harder to remove types of “electro-static” bonding.

Sarcasm alert!