Guys who fill their schedule too much

Quick question, I come across a lot of guys who go “balls to the walls” this time of year. Schedule completely full all the way to end of november, even December. Busy times of the year we are usually out about a week and a half, maybe 2 weeks, then stqrting Monday as the week progresses, the blank spots on the calendar are filled for the following 2 weeks. I see guys on here and fb cursing rain and re schedules cause of their completely full calendar. I know this problem will only grow as my ( and your) business grow. What do you do and what is your process? If I was personally So busy I couldn’t reschedule a customer within 2 weeks, I’d hire a new trainee. What would you do?

I curse and swear on mornings like this…F#@! and now it looks like cold weather from here on out…

The seasonal fluctuations on demand are a challenge. I have had 6 teams go out each day, busy every day and a rain day mess everything up. It is a temptation to hire during the peak demand. The longer term impact may not be what you want. When the seasonal demand slackens what are you going to do? Can you afford to keep extra staff? How well can you train during the peak time if your personnel aren’t already prepared? I think it is better to look at the larger long term picture and staff accordingly. Longer lead times aren’t a real issue if it is only for a month and a half out of the year. Laying people off isn’t a pleasant business. Attrition is always an issue but if you are small than an extra full time guy could eliminate your profits quickly. It’s a fine line of juggling. I like to think in terms of median demand and longer term sustained staffing. There is more than one way to skin a cat though.

From my limited experience I’d say hiring someone is more time consuming as in the way of training. I’d probably go for the clean as normal & work Saturday/Sundays for the callback to fix up the outside windows.

I think a lot of WCers (myself included) go balls out this time of year because they know there will be tumbleweeds blowing around come January.

I actually have a week countdown on my dry erase board. Cant wait til Christmas eve :slight_smile: Im attempting to book something big between Christmas and New Years as well (usually happens). We’ll see how it pans out after this storm-of-the-century-of-the-week we’re supposed to get next week.

Chris, you know it will turn out to be nothing. Lol…watch we get hammered

I leave saturdays and sundays for rain days or last minute bookings if no rain that week. Last time I looked, I think we have 3 regular open days until New years. We are also trying to complete our scrub/recoats because starting next week thru Christmas our floor service guys will be tortured trying to keep up with the shoppers and their messes.

The window cleaners here in the state of ARIZONA really have no slow periods except during ( JULY/AUGUST- MONSOON SEASON )
As which it brings in the humidity /rain/wind/dust storms.
I work seven days a week so there really is no rush for me … Some days 8+ hours and some days 4 hours or less. ( the joys of not having kids,and a nagging wife … just work and go to the gym. It is nice though when January comes since it will slow down a bit.

We have a slowdown in our resi’s in January, I think it is 'cause everyone is broke after Christmas when the credit card bills come in!

Fortunately my clients are willing to wait. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of window cleaners around here as well. This past spring I had 5 days off during a 2+month stretch. Not sure if I have caught my breath yet. I maintain a decent list of annual clients and during the past year have cleaned for over an additional 100+ new customers(and I do not advertise, all referral). I am anxious for winter.

You could sell your referral method

I always try to leave some time throughout the week for reschedules and rain days. If I overflow (which happens) I go into the weekend (which I don’t like to happen).

BTW- I’m working all weekend…

I’m with you, always 2 to 3 weeks out. If you’re further out, imo you are in desperate need of hiring.

I worked about 80% of the saturdays and several sundays this summer, Thank you rain…

holy cow, what a workload

I worked 13 days straight in the field once, a long time ago, and talk about overload . . . what a learning experience that was

Buddyo sounds like someone we know…