Habit that I didn’t know I had

Did a res job today. Wearing a mask. And a habit showed itself that I never knew I had. I clean the window and then before I touch up edges. I will touch the towel to my lips.
I guess check and see if it’s wet or not. Never knew I had the habit until wearing a mask made it apparent. Anyone else do this?


Haha, no. I definitely don’t do that.


Thanks for the belly laugh. All I could envision was Robert Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond touching every bite of food to his chin before eating it :rofl:


Ha ha. Hope I don’t look like that to customers. Wonder how long I’ve been doing it.

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Ever get a cold soar from touchIng your lips with damp detailing cloths?

I learned the hard way.

Oh my gosh, the germs hanging out on windows is frightening. Probably why I use a little more soap than some. lol

I’ll touch towels to my cheek in the winter while wearing gloves, to check and see if it’s wet (like you mentioned).


What am I missing here? Can’t you just see with your eyes if the towel is wet or not? :joy::rofl:

This is hilarious. I’m sure I do something that someone else thinks is a bit weird or different, but I guess I haven’t discovered what it is yet.


I wear a long sleeve shirt year round in Las Vegas and I often use my left sleeve to wipe my squeegee when doing small panes or cut ups.

At the very least, you’re probably immune to Coronavirus now lol


hmmm. I definitely don’t do that, but I find it hard to stop cleaning high windows with my mouth open,
which then gets dirty water in it sometimes. :man_shrugging:


There’s a reason. I’ll get back to you.

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I had an employee do that, It always left me puzzled and a just slightly grossed out.

I normally just feel it with my fingers to know whether or not the towel is dry/wet…

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I just use my fingers, not my lips lol.

I always wear surgical gloves. LOL

Why the surgical gloves?

Protect my hands. :sunglasses:
Very rough and cracking from bucket water. My hands were ALWAYS dirty. Black surgical gloves are a game changer for me. Like the auto mechanics wear.

Sounds like you don’t thick dirty windows have germs. What about the sea gull and pigeon shit? :open_mouth:

Storefront windows.

Post in this thread should include location…

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Looking back, I never did a “lip thing” lol

But I have been known to tap my cheek or temple…

Point is, I get it.

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