Halloween- it is getting scary here

So I am browsing on craigslist and I notice that a lot of the window cleaners on there are going for the “cheap price” angle. I am shocked as this is the easier time of year to get work. Sure there are more people tossing ads out there, but that should never lead to this…

(actual ad, minus the name of course)

We are committed to giving you the best service, at the most competitive rates in town!!!

.85 per window
[inside and out]
.65 per window
[outside only]

I hope there is at least a minimum charge, otherwise they may be getting $20 for some entire houses! That is the be all end all of low balling.

p.s… this is for residential

What are they counting as a window? There is a company here that advertises $5 per window. A lot of potential customers ask me why my prices are so much higher. But say you have a double hung window with triple track storms. They are really charging $20, which is along the same lines as what I charge. If those guys are really only charging less than a buck for a whole window that’s just insane.:eek:

I actually found an add in the paper the other day that advertised window and gutter cleaning of any size home for $150 :eek: Thats insane! I don’t believe they will be in biz much longer.

I started late in the year going full time into window cleaning (so I’m not well know in my town yet) and the temptation to lower pricing to get more work is always hanging over my head. But I’m determined to maintain my pricing based on the fact that every job builds a reputation. If I get busy from going low, then I’ll be known as the guy who works his ass off for peanuts. I don’t want that! So far I’m making decent money when I’m actually cleaning and customers have shown their appreciation by way of favourable comments, referrals and tips.

Even tho I’m not as busy as some of the more established companies in my town, I’m going to stick to my pricing and work ethic and I believe that next year will have some good things in store for me.

You thank yourself for that later.

Wow i am really shocked, I charge my residential customers $8.50 per window and that includes inside and out!!!

Price slashing this time of year? That’s the dumbest move Ive heard in a while. We are so freaking swamped with gutters, windows , Thanksgiving, Xmas. Everyone wants done yesterday. Fall is worse than Spring cleaning for us. My office girl left today at 3:00. when I got in at 4:30, I had 7 new messages plus 2 messages in my AT & T mailbox. Its going to be this way for the next 2 months. We are working just about every Saturday through November and I might have to work a few Sundays. I love it!


I cant stand Craigs list advertisers! I advertise on there too but every lowballer in town is there. In our line of work many people starting out or just trying to pick up some side work with a bucket and rag, havent any idea what to charge. Sell a professional service, be a professional service and reap the rewards of beeing a professional service.

I hear ya brother!!!

Did you just agree with your own post LOL!:smiley: Seriously, I dont think I would hire any one from Craigslist to do work on my home. Thats just me. My thoughts about Craigslist is that people are looking on there for things “on the cheap”. Buy and sell stuff is what I only look on there for mainly. I really cant speak for the population. It might cheapen your image going on there looking for work. You could also expect some price shoppers . I will post help wanted ads on there from time to time.

I had posted this on NWCD a couple weeks ago, but my brother mentioning made me laugh again… So its worth a repost for any that didnt see it…

[I]"[/I][I]Looking through the paper today, found a huge ad for Window Cleaning… Will clean any size house and clean the gutters for a grand total of $149.00 [/I]

[I]So I called the gentleman up and told him I had about [SIZE=4][U][B]125[/B] 6x6 storm windows[/U][/SIZE], the house was a 100 years old and there are trees are growing out of the gutters. He says no problem it can all be done for $149" :eek:

My first & only thought is…the guys definitely swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool:eek:

Havent quite figured out how to use these forums yet. I was trying to agree with you! LOL!!!

I knew that. I was just pulling your chain:D. To Chris’s post on the $149.00 deal. You should have this guy do all of your crap jobs and you make the profit without even touching it. Call yourself Chris’s Property Management:D
I still think that every state should have a 4 hour business class when they issue a business license. These type of guys have no clue to what it takes to turn profit! $15.00 in gas, 6 hours in labor, 33% to the IRS, Workers Comp, Insurance etc. Congrats! you just averaged $5.25 per hour! The paperboy can cash your check at the end of the week.:rolleyes:


I’m guessing that they are really in the bait-and-switch business and not the window cleaning business.

Being this is my first year and I have no idea what the yearly trends are. I was totally shocked tonight. I was cleaning up paperwork and adding in customers who’s stuff had not been entered into QB. I ran a report for the year. For S&^TS and giggles I ran the pretty graph one. Last month and this month were my most profitable so far. I know what the schedules for those two months as I still have some healing cuts from some of the jobs. I love changing out new razors lol. It got me to thinking that next year I will do a little more heavy on the ads for those two months. Anyway you slice it those prices are just stupid. I watched Trump the other night and someone asked him about volume against quality and this thoughts. He made it very simple and said, “it’s just two types of mindsets and both work with the right business minded person.” He did not pick a side and I think that was wise for him. But I was always raised to not be the hardest working lowest paid on the block. It was always the other way around.

The laziest price-gouger?

LOL not at all larry. Just the other way around. I will give a fair price for my work. But I’m not going to work for pennies. I look at it like this. I come from a 10 hour per day job and made very good money and had very good pensions. Either I make that type of money or I don’t work in this feild. I dont not believe in leaving a job to make less money. I always believed if you leave a job it should be for good reasons and 1 of them is for more money. If I wanted to sit back and do next to nothing I could go back to work for the government. lol.

I thought the same thing Larry. Once they are in they begin having “additional” charges. To bad there are still people who haven’t figured out that if it sounds to good to be true it is.