Hand carry reel from RHG Products Company

[URL=“http://shopwindowcleaner.com/handy-carry-reel-with-100.html”]In the market for a convenient way to tote around hose to go from your pure water system to your pole hose?

Have a look at the hand carry reel from RHG Products Company.

These reels are lightweight yet robust and include 100’ of 3/8" ID hose.

Reach Higher Ground’s blog[URL=“http://shopwindowcleaner.com/handy-carry-reel-with-100.html”]

Cool stuff! Show much 5/16 hose can it handle, and what is the MSRP?

I could totally use this for my new roof cleaning kit.

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What’s the cost?

i wouldn’t, unless you’re planning on bypassing the manifold. that thing has cheap steel or brass guts. roof mix will chew it up quick. you really need a reel with stainless guts.


I suspect this will hold around 300’ of 5/16" RHG Pole hose tubing.

Cost with the 3/8" hose installed is $225.00

Adam, $225.00

We are located in Castle Rock.


I would not use this for roof cleaning. This will definitely not hold up to the bleach.

A friend if mine has this reel . He likes it a lot . I have Rhg old version this one seems a little better .

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Here ya go. Have a look at the reel in the WCR store.

Handy Carry Reel With 100’

I have a reel that’s the same size as this one (100’ of 3/8") and it holds 300’ of 1/4" hose fairly easily. I’m betting you could get upwards of 500’ of 5/8" hose on it.

My reel is practically a clone of the one used by RHG, minus the carry handle and rubber feet. I got it on Amazon for under $40. Not trying to disrespect the product, but you’re basically paying for a $200 handle. My reel has held up to 2+ years of abuse and has only required a little bike lube every once in awhile.