Handle Channel Compatibility - Unger Ninja and Standard Channels

I am away from home, so I can’t check this right now. Can Unger Ninja handle work with standard channels like Ettore Brass or SS? I know Sorbo Swivel handles actually do work with standard channels, but I haven’t tried with Unger Ninja. Thanks, all.

No, they only hold widebody channels.

Thank you, that’s what I thought. I actually have Unger Ninja at home, but I am away from home and trying to order some equipment for my sister-in-law, so appreciate the help.

Speaking of the Ninja handle I have a question. I have been using Ettore ss standard channels. I just tried a Sorbo handle and quick silver 18 inch channel. I had a very hard time using it. The bottom of thick channel wa hitting the glass before the squeegee blade. What am I going wrong? (No, I have the channel in right) :slight_smile:

Is it the angle I’m holding the handke? Has anyone else ever experienced this. Would the Ettore super channel help?

Quicksilvers do this. Luke, Reanna, and I all have experienced that.

Ninjas are my personal favorite chznnels for widebody. The Ninja handle will hold any brand widebody channel. Get the 40°, not the 30°


Thank you. I’m going to give the Ninja complete a try.