Handwritten Direct Mailers


Have any of you utilized this service?

The scheme itself makes sense to me but I dunno. CFP?

It seems like a good idea, personal appeals usually are. The skeptic in me can’t help but think that the people actually writing these letters are actually 10 year old Chinese children in a blazing hot factory though. What’s that? They are in Florida? Okay, 10 year old Cuban refugees!

In all seriousness though, it seems great. I received a letter in the mail the other day. It was addressed to me, appeared at a glance to be handwritten. Upon close inspection, once I perused the envelopes contents, I don’t believe it was. However, it looked personal. I opened it immediately and it was a letter from the condo association Alex and I live in, inviting me to a seminar on home ownership within the association. I was duped. I thought it was a card from someone I knew. So, I can see how this would work. Could be very effective.

It seems like you do what I do when you get one of these cards, spend more time wondering if it was actually hand written or typed than actually reading the content.

LMAO…I actually called them. They told me they could put together something with my existing marketing material only with things being handwritten. Have not seen a price though.

I’ll report back when I do.

well, here’s the thing… there are many things we can do to raise interest in a letters exterior to raise chances of it being opened. I think this may be too costly of a service. For them to write a letter (only 40-50 words?!) I am sure that aint cheap.

There are direct mail companies out there that can print in a handwritten font, that would be more cost effective.

Handwritten fonts/writing still will not get them to buy, only to look at it. I would worry about my wording, layout and offer over the writing style… but that’s me

I use sendoutcards.com. When you type the message they print it in your own handwritting. You also can have your signature there. It’s really easy how they do it. You fill out a form and send it in to them. And in a week or so they have it in your account.

I use sendoutcards.com all day for my business. If you want to see the paper they use go to sendoutcards.com and put your mouse over products and then you’ll see a drop down for personal hand writting fonts. Click there and in the second paragraph you’ll see the link for the form they use to capture YOUR personal handwritting and signature.

sendoutcards is a great service- check out the gift thing- friggin awesome

I got a few of those last summer. Mostly from real estate people or car dealers. The first thing I thought was GREAT IDEA. Got me to open their mailer. But then I got ****ed cause they GOT ME. lol. So I read the one but when I got the other just tossed it. Great way to get past the postage inspector, like me. If I see anything on a letter that is not from a company I know yet looks like a mailing I open the top. Glance on in and then toss, toss, toss.

So your advice would be to not use them? They can do even the 4 x 6 postal mailers according to the person I spoke with. It would make all the print look like I wrote it by hand and then would have a version of my signature on it to “certify” any offer. The text I have down is my normal stuff; call to action, bullet list of services, pics, etc.

Price will determine whether or not I even consider them. I appreciate your input.

If the price is right, try it

Postcards to people who do not know your company usually fall on deaf ears. This may help keep their attention a bit longer and give you a chance to peak their interest.

Postcards are tough to pull off, put some thought into it

I agree. I can’t see hand written cards being cheap. If they really are hand written. I would spend $50 maybe $100 for a test run first.
A couple of things that concern me about that company. There contact phone area code is NYC. Their testimonials pages has what looks like to me, mostly wedding stuff. Pretty easy to write a wedding invite “Hey come to our wedding.” Done. It’s another thing to write something that will bring in business. Their business testis don’t seem to give any contact info. Some mortgage guy named Patrick in TX and a fund rasier named Dylan in CA. Give me a contact info so I can contact them and see if they really did like your service. Keep looking around for other companys. Might find something cheaper and better.

On a similar note:

Back when residential was my thing I alway sent hand-written letters to the neighbors of the client for whom I cleaned. always. But that was only about 10-20.

I am getting back into resi now and will be using hand addressed envelopes.

I have noticed that when I use stickers for my invoices, my checks arrive later in the month than when I hand address them.

Learn this lesson for your OWN stuff, too.

Generic contact info is pointless.

“We loved Ray, he was the best.”

  • J.F., Monmouth County


“We loved Ray, he was the best.”

  • Jennifer & Robert Wilson, Fairlawn Blvd, Clients since 2008

Even without contact info, WAY better.

Of course, a phone number is sweet when their okay with it, to make it even more compelling.