Handy Glue to Fix WFP

Hey All,

Just wanted to pass this along. My wfp clamp came off, appears to be a bad glue joint, so I found this glue at walmart. It bonds the difficult to bond plastics, and it also says its great for gap filling and will work with carbon fiber composits. It cures in 30 minutes. But like most glues likely reaches full strength by 24 hours. Handy to have if your clamp comes off on the job! So far so good in my glue job using it.

If you are unfamiliar with gluing technique, make sure to cover both surfaces all over that are being glued and then twist the two parts as you put them together. Make sure to quickly remove any excess with qtips. (I like to use qtips the best, though other things can work) Hope this helps!

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Don’t count on it holding forever. Get another clamp and ditch that stuff.

If your pole ever snaps and you feel like trying your hand at repairs, use West Systems Epoxy with 207 hardener.

As far as I know, its the only epoxy that dries clear and is good to go in a damp environment.


I know they have good epoxy, so thanks for the info! I wil have to get some.

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They make a great product…I’ve used some of there epoxies for glueing up traditional type Bows (archery) laminations.

I have used West epoxy on carbon DLG RC model aircraft. Great stuff.

Models were from this company -


Amazing company that makes ultra-light spread carbon in Ukraine for their models and other users.

Really? I didn’t know it could take that much stress! Thats great to know man.