Hangin' w/Sanchez

We should totally get this going. Alex and I are just going there to meet with a select few industry people that get us and to hang out.

We may go to a few seminars. But other than we are just hangin out.

Phil / Matt / Micah and anyone else please come we can all just hang together and do our own thing.

There are numerous cheap hotels available. Our Partner Bill (varitek) and his wife Linda are coming. They will be there the whole time and I dont believe they are going to any of the seminars… Lets get this going on itll be fun + its what Alex and I are doing anyway.

We are rolling in Tuesday Morning and just plan on going to the city…

This may be the third time I asked.



the coca cola plant tour

CNN headquarters

this fun bar I have been to in a skyscraper. The floor that rotates a full circle every 15 minutes or so.

but other than that not much.

I meant: why are so many WC’ers going?

IWCA convention.

Thank you Larry.

I will NOT be within 50 miles of that convention. At least not dressed and unarmed.



We still on?

Yes, except this year it’s in St Pete’s Beach, FL. So close to you that you can probably walk over in your flip flops and robe. :slight_smile:

Wow Phil, are you back on the forum? Missed all of your witty comments and also your insights.

How Have things been since last we heard from you?