Hangin' w/Sanchez

One silly Mexican.

I laffed…hard. We talked about The E-Myth
anybody else like this book?

We also talked about mustache.

Then, we talked about why we are in business.

No other thread may have less of an impact that this one. :slight_smile:

when i heard those sirens go off, i thought it might have been his ride to pick him up or something,haha

I liked the E-myth - only read the revisited & the contractors book. Impressed, but I’m stuck in the no employees boat, so to move on its going to be very hard for me.

uncle phil had is brother there today, Uncle Pedro…Now he has a smoking stache

I sure hope the two (or three?) of you will be in Atlanta in Feb. That would be a lot of fun.

Chances are I will NOT be there. Warrants are still open there for one of us. :slight_smile:

C’mon Phil! Can you imagine you, me, and Sanchez in the same place at the same time?! People have paid big money to see things far more pedestrian.

I’d pay to see that

I am almost embarrassed to ask what is in Hotlanta?

I have no use for conventions. Not for any reason other than I performed at thousands of them over the years.

Now, if we are just hopping to A-Town for some laughs, food, a few shows and some adult beverages…Im on like donkey kong.

I’ll just be at the trade show for the free stuff and to see old friends and make new ones. A beverage sounds good as well!

That’s why I’m going. Only to the trade show, and mainly just to meet people. Perhaps if you came Phil, you could perform some magic. Maybe make the whole fabricating debris issue dissapear?

The idea of being with that many closed minded window cleaners ( present company excluded of course) gives me the willys.

I might prefer an open wound.

Really? I think I may wear my WCR shirt just for the fun of it.

Hold on…is this a WCR event? If so, I am there.

I bet we could arrange a WCR gathering in Atlanta. Of course we need to run it by Cheis and Alex. What about it Bros Lambrinides?

I’m still 50/50 right now…picking up some work that requires my full attention for a bit, plus hotels in A-town are mucho expensive near the meeting place…Does any one know a cheap hotel…I’d be on a budget if I came, but I REALLY want to come.

Phil, we should drive up together

Try a Super 8 of Comfort Inn. They usually have reasonable rates.

Just make sure you stay in a decent part of Atlanta. There are parts you don’t!! want to go to, as with any larger city.

I usually stay at the Peachtree Westin hotel that’s downtown. Great hotel with safe parking. I’ll probably just drive down this time though.

I am still unsure what is in Atlanta.


There are two from the above list that interest me. One of which Matt would not enjoy so much.

Anyone from FL want to ride together? and possibly stay at the same place