Hanging High

This came across the news today. There were a few different accidents today. I am about 99% sure these are window cleaners.

//youtu.be/- YouTube


Thats a good reason to use a harness with a sternal attachment point and know how to self rescue.

They were changing a sign I guess, although I didn’t see one.


You know it’s kind of funny you brought this on here. It got me to thinking. The other day I got a call from a lady wanting a quote for Ballys down in AC. I have been their many times and figured what the heck I can get them to give me back some of my money. Anyway after talking and asking her the questions I needed, she told me she got a quote from a company for $700. I almost fell off my sofa. I told her no I can not do the job for that much. Never in a million years. Maybe I could clean the inside of a few rooms but not the outside of the place. DUDE LOOK AT THIS PLACE…

How in the world can someone come in at $700.00. That’s f-ing madness. Anyway when I was thinking about doing this before I got the lowball info. I thinking how in the world can this place not have a scaffold? It has to have something up there. At least I would think logic would dictate that it would. Anyway let’s say you had to rope this, would it not be a smart thing to do what many rock climbers do and have someone “On Belay!”? I just don’t get how some people have already invented the wheel and have safety guidelines in place. These guidelines have worked for longer then the window cleaning industry has been around, and I’m sure saved more lives during that time. How can window cleaning companies not look to sources that have been there and done that already. Hanging from a building is not much differant then hanging from a large cliff or rock as far as the equipment goes.