Hanging window washer rescued from McCaw Hall roof (Seattle)

SEATTLE – Seattle firefighters have rescued a window washer who slipped out of his chair and dangled from the roof of McCaw Hall at the Seattle Center.

Fire officials received a distress call just before noon Thursday. When they arrived, they found a window washer hanging from a harness from the building, about 65 feet off the ground.

The window washer had step over the top and was preparing to wash windows when a chain on the seat he uses gave way. He fell about eight feet and was left dangling from the harness.

Update: Here’s the video

Firefighters first went to the roof, about 15 feet above the man, and lowered a harness to secure him until the ladder truck arrived. A fireman on a fire truck ladder was able to reach the washer; he was taken down safely, shaken but uninjured.

The window washer said he usually doesn’t rely on the safety harnesses and thought he was going to fall. He said he’ thankful for his rescuers and to be back on solid ground.

Thank god for safety equipment…

time for a new harness and a new pair of underwear.

I wonder what was worse? Dangling from the side of a building while waiting to be rescued, or dangling from the side a building with a fresh load in his chones and waiting to be rescued.

He said he doesn’t normally rely on the harness (translation: I never use it) so you know this guy torqued a moonfish when his seat gave way.

Glad he made it though!

I bet that guy either quits high-rise window cleaning tomorrow or buys himself the best WFP equipment in the biz tomorrow!!! And I wouldn’t blame him for either.

I couldn’t see his face; I wonder if it was Dave.

if you watch care fully you will see he had put a figure of eight knot on his line and used it to stand in thus preventing suspension trauma. so he did know what he was doing and some one had trainned him in self rescue. I would say his trainning saved him a lot of pain and possible blood clots. he deserves to be congratulated. then given a new pair of pants

time for 72 foot simpole from wcr.

time for 72 foot simpole from wcr.