Happy Birthday to us!

So it our Birthday. Today the WCR message board has officially been open for 1 full year. In the past year we have seen over a million page views and outstanding growth in our store. In one years time 1,175 people have signed up for the board. We never imagined this would become so popular. Alex and I would just like to say thanks to everyone who posts regularly and frequents our store. We could not have done this with out you! If there is anything we can do for you please let us know. We are anxious to become your supplier of choice for all your window cleaning equipment needs.


PS The below web traffic chart shows how the awesomeness of WCR continues to increase everyday.

Happy Birthday and congratulations!

Here’s hoping for your continued success for years to come.

Congratulations and happy birthday. I think I’ll wear my WCR shirt all day to celebrate :slight_smile:

[I][SIZE=6][SIZE=4]P.S. What’s the birthday promo today?[/SIZE]


Congratulations! And Hip Hip Hooray! -As Jim Zorn would say.

Credit to everyone!

Congrats on one year! I have enjoyed the forum and doing business w/ you guys. Hope your 2nd year brings more sucess.

congrats. I am wearing my WCR shirt today.

Wow! Like a WCR bailout of the window cleaning industry! Brilliant!

I’ll take one of everything :rolleyes:

Way to go guys!

Although it didn’t take me a year to figure this was the best WC forum out there. This place has had a certain cool factor from the get-go. Well here’s to many more years of continued success.

Hey here’s an idea. You two go loosen your ties and unbutton that top button and have a drink later after work and celebrate. :wink:

Congrats on a great site and store. Now like Mark said go get loaded!

//youtu.be/Drunk Opera Singers at a Toga Birthday Party! - YouTube

happy b’day WCR.

Congrats guys like the message board and i order all my supplys from you guys all the time.

Feliz Cumpleaños !!

Thanks for everything you guys.
And for many more.

you guys are the best.

Thanks everyone! You guys and girls rule.

happy birthday guys, I’ll drink one for you tonight

happy birthday wcr

and many more to come