Hard to remove stickers

Im in the middle of a ccu job for a builder. I am not using razors for the job. Am coming across hard to remove stickers and silicone. Scrubbing with steel wool cleans about 90% of the window. The other 10% is hard to remove spots. What works best to remove these? Has anyone used paint thinner?

I’ve always used my triumph scraper for sticker residue provided there aren’t any fines.

A razor would sure make light work of those. :wink:


Navi! You’re back! Glad to see your “in the game!” I sent you an email, to which you never responded. I called you about five or ten times to talk to you. You never called me back. Anywho, GooGone, or GooGone Adhesive Remover. Let 'em soak on the residue. Rub, re-soak (the spots) until gone. Do not get on painted surfaces, just rub some on the sticky spots…let dwell…re-soak and rub; repeat until gone. Stay warm…make money. :sunglasses:

Did you get insurance, or is that why you dont want to use a razor because you dont have it yet?

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I have used paint thinner. Works really well. But probably no better then goo gone. Plus the paint thinner makes your mop stink.

You can use a 1 inch razor to penetrate the hardened shell of the adhesive (either tape or silicone) then agitate with a wet Magic Eraser. You may have to scrap just the debris, not the whole glass, again to penetrate through. Goo Gone may come in quite handy too.

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Comrade -
I used to always use GooGone until a sign company turned me on to Turtle Wax Label and Sticker Remover. It is more effective and versatile than the GooGone that I have used for years. The aerosel spray helps me be more strategic with the distribution. I still have the GooGone but the Turtlewax is my first-line go to now. Works well on silicone that is tight to glass. Purchase it at Autozone or equivalent.
Hope this helps.


Hey appreciate it bud I ended up using goof off it worked great. My bad i missed your call I must have thought your collections. I get some of those :frowning: hey i remember reading your email thanks for reaching out. How long have you been in the window cleaning business for ?

Great I like the spray I will look into it.

The Turtle Wax Label and Sticker Remover is an interesting product. I checked out the ingredients section of the SDS. Here it is.

Petroleum Distillites (Hydrotreated Light) 64742-47-8 15-40%
Diethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether 112-34-5 10-30%
Propane 74-98-6 10-30%
Acetone 67-64-1 7-13%
D-Limonene 5989-27-5 3-7%
Undeceth-3 34398-01-1 1-5%

Probably the Diethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether and the Acetone do most of the work. D-Limonene is an average solvent with a slow evaporation rate. And the petroleum distillites and D-Limonene likely slow down the evaporation rate of the DGME and Acetone. I like it. Underceth is polyethylene glycol and is used as an emulsifier. It just helps to bring everything together.

Thanx for sharing!


Navi, have been in biz solo for one year now. I get the phone thing, knowing you would not recognize number. Since I got a business license, my phone rings off the hook with every scammer from California to Canada. If I don’t recognize the number, I don’t even answer. When I do answer, I YELL “Take My Name Off The List And Don’t Call Back!” It does no good. After a year they still call back, I just don’t answer.

I said GooGone because it does not have the toxic, explosive fumes of Goof Off. I guess you’re learning. Let us know when you get paid…how long it took. :sunglasses: