Hard water removal pricing help!

I have been asked to price hard water removal on 5 plates of glass all approx. 2’-6 x 6’ I was thinking around $15.00 per plate does this sound about right I don’t want to over charge but at the same time don’t want to leave money on the table either. Any help is appreciated, Thanks
PS: I was going to use A1 and safe one restore.

You didn’t provide pics, but you should be closer to 25 per window for stain removal

For the total square feet you are leaving a lot on the table taking a blind guess since you have no pics revealing the condition of the hard water one the glass. Have you considered using the MR HARD WATER PRODUCT ?

Yeah 20-25 min…sometimes I’ll give a range…depending upon if I have to use a polisher vs chem only…and I almost always add in a sealer cost too.

Sounds like I’m a little low on price thanks for your input, I will quote 20.00 per pane the condition is not to bad on all but 2panes but those 2 have some serious stains. These panes are around a pool does this make a difference?

If I use chemicals to clean I charge $20 to start. If I use my Mr. Hardwater, I start out at $50.00, mainly because it takes more effort to set up.

Pool water makes a difference, yes. If its been neglected enough it will have done some real damage. If its been somewhat maintained you may be able to get pretty good clarity. The shadowy drip lines are usually what’s left…resurfacing fixes that. I’ve done a fairly small one 3x3…almost not cost effective.

Thanks David sounds like I might be fighting a up hill battle. It’s for a friend of a friend so I will tell him I’ll give it a try but no promises.

Does the sealer help keep the hard water coming back even when they have an irrigation system hitting regularly?

It will not…but it will make it a lot easier to get off the next time…depending upon tds and time interval between cleanings. Right around 3 mos it should be re cleaned…I find that after 3… It gets harder to clean…but I’ve had some need just light polishing…some need just a scrub with a white scrubby…and some come off with boars hair and pure water…lots of variables

David is absolutely right on pool water ! Is it a salt water pool or a chlorine pool ? If it is a salt water pool and the panes are bad you will for sure have a job in a half getting them clean. Me and another window cleaner did a job on a house that had 7 plates of glass that were over 65 square feet each. Each plate of glass took over 3 hours to clean. Did they come out perfect ? No but we got them
to at least 97% clean which was awesome compared to what they looked like.
Here is some pics of a before and the after even though the after is when the sun was setting down.
The before pic does not do justice but it was a job in a half to do. By the way this was caused from a salt water pool. The pool has a infinity edge and it gets pretty gusty so the wind splashed water on the plates of glass.
Hope the pics help anyone else out there doing hard water removal.

When it comes to stain water removal weather it takes 3 minutes or 30 minutes to remove.

The thing here is that they got you to do something they can’t.

So weather it comes off easy or you have to use a machine.

You should charge the higher end in the way of pricing IMO.

Had a customer that tried getting water stains off spent pleaty time & $$$ as well.

He not only did not get it off ended up scratching the glass as well.

And that was one pane of glass.

The point is that we the window cleaners that do it all the time and have many different way of getting water stains off.


So why would you want to charge lower end.

Found that if you do a test patch where they can see how good it comes up.


Then give them your price (THE HIGHER END);):smiley:

I have been working with hard water on shower glass doors a lot and have tried so many options and finally have a great system. Using mr hard water powder. Trust me nothing compares with that and a white scotch brite on a paddle unless you go electric.
I would never go below $2/sq if its filthy with hard water.

My suggestion is to test how long it takes you to get a 3"x3" area perfect, then just multiply it out and you’ll know exactly how Long each pane will take. Otherwise u might be working for min wage

Correct! We are the professionals. We are doing something that they can’t do and we are solving their problem. Get paid like the professional you are

If you dont have something to practice these techniques on how can you know you can provide this service? Wouldnt feel fully comfortable bidding a job that I have never tried before. By the way what do yall think about Ettore hard water spot removal?

I live in Utah so we have a lot of sprinkler over spray and sometimes we are dealing with well water. I would say I am dealing with hard water on about 8 out of 10 jobs. A lot of how I go about removing the hard water and pricing goes by how “tight” it is on the glass, in other words if it’s been hit a lot and has not been removed for some time, I make no promises, as there could be “etching” on the glass which you would have to use something like glass renew to get it back to a good surface. So if the hard water is not really tight to the surface I usually use “pretty Potty” which you can buy from a janitorial shop. I dunk my white scrubbing pad in my window cleaning solution and then spray pretty potty on the pad and then scrub the window like normal This stuff is strong and beware it will discolor white vinyl with a slight blue haze if you don’t wet it down first and then wipe the solution off, as soon as you have finished squeegeeing it. Also you cannot detail with a scrim as it will eat the linen, but a micro fiber works great and won’t dissolve with contact when detailing the edges. The cool thing about this way is it takes no extra time to clean the window and you get charge double or what ever for the hard water removal. I have found that i got a few acid burns on my hand over the season, but they heal but can be really quite sore when acid gets in them. If the hard water is “tight” on the glass I will use “once off” which you can buy from a janitorial shop and apply it with a blue auto cleaning brush and then razor blade it off, and do again and again if necessary, hence why you would charge more and there are no promises, but the customer is always much happier even if it is not perfect and then you advice them to re-direct their sprinkler heads.