Hard water/scaling

Anyone know the fastest/easiest way to clean this off? Huge house lots of glass covered with this hard water or scaling very difficult to remove.

It can be hit or miss depending on the chemistry of the stain…

One Restore has worked well for me (Diluted 1 part to 3 parts water) and if that still doesn’t work polishing with a cerium oxide slurry or Mr. Hardwater with a makita has worked well.

I have run into some stains that even polishing couldn’t fix.

GANA has some guides on restoration if its something you want to learn about.

I use barkeeper’s friend and white Xero pads. Takes some elbow grease, but if you take the bar keepers friend and apply it to the window and let it sit for a bit and then give it a scrub you’ll have okay results.

I have only done a few windows at a time on a couple jobs, but next time I have a larger job that involves this I have a plan.

  1. I’m going to mix up about 50/50 bar keepers friend and water in a chemical sprayer so that I can quickly cover several windows in an even coat

  2. I’m going to get a palm sander or a drill that I can put a Xero scrubber (white 3m pad) say that I can save my arms and get good scrubbing power.

I think that this would work very well, but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.