Hard water stain removal pricing

Hi. I need to provide a quote to remove hardwater staing from 4 window on the Law office building. The windows are in bad shape and have not been cleaned fort years. We are located in Souther Califronia. The large windows (2) dimenmsions are 60" x 33" and teh smaller ones (2) are 20" x 33". I don’t way to over price the customer. How much woul you guys suggest? Thanks all and I await your reply.

Have you tested a corner to see how they come off?

I would start with charging double the cost of the window (if its a $4 window - commercial pricing) then I would charge $8 for the whole window. If you do a test spot and it’s a pain in the butt, then up your price from there. Better to overcharge by a smidge than under charge and lose money. If you’re gonna be stuck there working on those windows for awhile, you’d want to make sure you are getting paid for it

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Wow where do people get such little prices I’d be at $25 for each bottom one and $75 for each top two for a total of $200.00. Maybe 15 for bottoms and 50 for tops if it came off easy

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Is that for acid wash or mechanical removal?

Thanks for the insight and inspiration. I did know pricing jobs would be so complex. I appreciate all the input my fellow window cleaners are giving me. I anxiously await your comments. Once again, thank you all.

I would single out one glass pane and cleaned it to see if it is cleanable. In many cases they are just getting “cleaner”. Many customers expect them look like new glass windows. No! No! Time yourselfe. Go even by minutes. Than charge at least $60 per hour (Althoug in your area it could be higher. I do not know your area). Explain the customer that it is NOT a regular “maintenance cleaning”, but glass restoration work and it is priced totally different. If he is not stupid, he will understand. Lawyers are usually clever guys😉
You can also explain him that his glass must be regilarly cleaned (weekly, biweekly, or monthly) and offer him your help (Of cause adjust the price.)
If he does not agree just walk away. He is just looking for a stupid bucket bob for $10…

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That was just an example price, assuming he’s charging less since it’s commercial. But hey, if you can get that price then by all means go for it!

He probably has no idea what you talking about. You need to explain it to him.

Thanks for you wise advise.

Thanks guys for all the advise. Do you think charging by the square foot is a good idea? Do you think $6.50 per square foot is reasonable? Thanks in advance.