Hard Water Stains removed!

Cole and Eugene went out to a school district here in Northern California and did this demo yesterday (video to come). This district has 12 campuses and all of them have horrible hard water stains that just wouldn’t budge…that is until Cole took a crack at them! In 10 min he was able to remove the stains showing how the GlassRenu system can quickly remove this type of surface damage using only the polishing felt and the our polishing solution.

Just wanted to share these photos

Very cool.

When doing water damage, how do you get right into the corners?

This sounds like a fair enough question.

Can you get right in the corners with a machine?

Or do the corners by hand with a chemical?

We use a Fein oscillating sander with a triangular felt pad cut from another pad, slower than the rotary, but faster than by hand.

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I was going to try doing the same thing with my Drexel multimax …