Hard Water Stains

I have a customer that has hard water stains in their glass shower stall, I have used both Sani-Sheild and scrub but they do not keep the stains from coming back. The chrome faucets and hardware are stating to get pitted. Does anyone know of a product that might take care of this problem and help my customer maintain a clean shower stall ?:frowning:

If you’ve had success removing the hard water deposits in the past,you may need to step up to a better sealant like glass guardian or even better!

As for the faucets…if there pitted or stained beyond chemical help…not much you can do?

Mr Craig what would you recommend that’s better than Glass Guardian?

Dow makes some decent ones. There are several,it all depends how much you want to spend?

Another pretty good one…


Another thing worth mentioning although…it’s a bit off the beating path is…maybe suggest the client get the home plumbed for “Soft Water” that would cut down immensely on ALL problems associated with hard water problems with in the house.

[B]Lime And Mineral Deposit Remover[/B]Vinegar and Paper Towels. Hard lime deposits around faucets can be softened for easy removal by covering the deposits with vinegar-soaked paper towels. Leave the paper towels on for about one hour before cleaning. Leaves chrome clean and shiny.

The Simix product line is fast becoming my favorite for removal AND protection.


I’ve never seen a protectant go on or come off easier, and it truly is multi-surface.

Our company formulated a product called Glasstastic specifically for this purpose. We have used it to restore hundreds of shower doors and it will outperform any other stain remover on the market and its safe to use. Check it out at www.theglassguru.com under cleaning products.

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umm haha thanks for the help Barry… but its not like that here… People are free to talk about and offer up whatever they want as long as its Window Cleaning related.

So plug away Dan.

As a side note Dan just sent Alex and I a sample of this product… we hope to try it out this week.


Is it possible to have you send me a sample?


I’d be happy to send you a sample. Better yet, since I know you are going to like it, if you purchase a 32 oz bottle and you don’t think its the best product you’ve ever used, I would be happy to give you a refund on the product (minus shipping). That will save us both time and gives you a virtual risk free opportunity to make sure it works for you. You can order directly off of our website www.TheGlassGuru.com or by calling our headquarters at (916)786-4878. Let me know what you prefer.

I just placed an online order.

I didn’t find an MSDS on your website…

Also, from Site Map / RESTORATION SERVICES / Water Spot Removal, the link is to Moisture Removal.

Yes use Simix Products. Go to Simixsolutions.com and see some demos or go to you tube and search under Simixsupreme and you will find more demos there. I have had Simix non wax clear coating on my shower door for over 1 year and to clean it to brand new I just take a microfiber cloth and water and wipe off any spots in 10 sec. call me to discuss. Many other uses as well. 414-349-1610. Patrick

I’ve been using cut Lemons lately. I find it works as good or if not better than MDR or vinegar. Just cut in half & use the lemon like a block on the shower door, making sure you squeeze juice out as you go. Leave for half an hour & then go back & re-do whilst you are getting on with other window cleaning. It works a treat & less scrubbing work.

Obviously a good alternative to the usual routine of hard water removers available,unfortunately it will do nothing for silicates.

Just as well really…unless you want a melted widow.
What silicates are you en-counting on your window?

Well…normally silicates are from unsealed pre-cast run off but…also prominent in water from sprinkler systems.On several occasions when removing so-called basic hard water stains if shadows remain or a good portion of the stain remains alot of times its “silicate”

Also…some water districts add sodium silicate to retard erosion to their distribution system.

Hydrofluoric acid will indeed dissolve glass that’s why its the only effective treatment for genuine silicate deposits other then polishing them out.

On July 7, 2008, California softener ban bill AB 2270 was passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee.

The Water Quality Association (WQA) opposes the bill, which would amend water quality codes. This ban would primarily affect new construction, though mandated water softener removal is a possibilty.

At issue is ground salinity.

California has been researching this, in conjunction with the water treatment industry, since 1978.

California poised to pass softener ban

Adding silicates to the water! Banning water softners! Whats going on over there?

So what are you using Craig? 550?