Has any one tried using yard signs at busy intersections to advertise

I am just starting out and was thinking of putting yard signs at busy corners to advertise and was wondering if any one has had success with yard signs!!

If you do a search I made a thread about my changeable letter signs, and since I’ve started using them I have gotten 2 calls I would not have got with out them. I only leave them in the yard while I’m cleaning windows, and take them when I leave. Any signs are better than nothing at all (unless you are making them out of brown corragated cardboard and spray paint). I guess it would depend on how busy of intersection, how many other signs are there, and how eye catching they would be. Kevin Dubrosky (spelled right?) has recently written an article on more conventional advertising with signs and such. Maybe do a search for that one too. I know when I see a yard sign, unless I’m looking to get yard work done, I don’t even look at them. But on the other hand if I see a sign in my neighbor’s yard that wasn’t there yesterday, I’ll be more apt to reading it.

Having a nice sign in a residential customers yard while you work on there windows is always a great idea (that is unless the HOA doesn’t allow it). I’ve had lots of neighbors take a flier from my sign while we worked that led to new customers.

However, I would not suggest paying for those flimsy signs you see on the side of highways for window cleaning. Those things get taken down real quick. I see carpet cleaners, painters and handymen advertise that way a lot and to me it screams CHEAP and unprofessional. Just a waste of time and money in my opinion.

You are so right. Ours isn’t your average sign but it doesn’t look that bad. However, I haven’t considered the fliers on the sign concept. Good idea, I like that.

Some municipalities prohibit sign posting in public spaces.

We use the yard signs also known as bandit signs at both our job sites and intersections. I just bought 50 of them for $250.00 so if I loose them no big deal. We get calls from them on a regular basis. The signs are 18x24 and are a good quality sign.

Years ago we put out 2,000 of them in like a 3-4 day period. We got a good amount of work from them… But ohh the complaint phone calls we received.

For us, they seem to work better in busy rural intersections. The ones in the city disappear after just a few days. I’ve heard that the city employs people just to remove signs.

Thanks for all the input great idea to put fliers on the sign while working at customers house kinda like the real estate signs you see!! let me know if there are any other cheap ways to advertise. thanks!!

Yeah don’t be surprised if they start dissapearing. I’don’t know if the town or other contractors take them down. The first time I put out a crapload of them around my county they started to dissapear. I took it personally & now just put them on the lawns of my customers.

yes. waste of money round my parts. other companies have been seen by my customers stealing my sign off there lawn. gosh dam pain in my pocket window licker bastards!!!