Has anyone done business with Ceiling Pro International?

I was contacted by them to help clean some national business accounts in my area and I’ve never heard of them before. I was wondering if anyone has any experience working with them or has heard any thing about the company. It seems like an interesting niche market but I’m not sure about the company itself. Anyone have any opinions on them?

I haven’t heard of them.

Use Google to checkout everthing about them. See how other vendors talk about them etc.

Google research is your friend! :wink:

Let’s us know how things work out so if anyone else gets that call we will know how deal with them Dean.

I am interested das to how was your experience with ceilingpro? They have approached us, but seem a little too aggresive and also their cashflow model reveals a super high number of new accounts with an average of 40 new accounts a month

They’ve reached out to us too. I was also initially interested but heavily skeptical. They said they already have clients ready to go in our area and honestly had a good sales pitch and information about the product. The thing that got me was the $16,000 in training. And thats without buying all their gear. I don’t think its a scam, I just don’t think it would be worth the investment.

Yeah I ended up not going with it. Seemed like it might work but was a lot to invest upfront in my opinion. I dont see a lot of people offering the service so its hard to see the market for it. You might call some commercial accounts and just ask them if this is a service they would ever use. That would help judge if its needed. I feel like a large part of this service would be just helping the customers realize why they need the service.