Has anyone offered a Track Cleaning service (I mean really cleaned)

We will wipe out tracks on homes no fee. But some want them cleaned like brand new. Especially the people who havent had anything done for years. Here in AZ the dust gets in there liked a nice hard caked on mud. Has anyone offered this as an add on at an additional fee. I was thinking of using a steamer or just a spray bottle wetting down the crap in the tracks and cleaning and then lube tracks with pledge? How much do you charge based on the level of filth?

I detailed tracks with my Albuquerquer company. And Charged quite a bit for it. I always included it into the service, but as an upsell, I would guess you could get $2-5 per track. Sliding doors could be as high as $10.
As far as the level of cleanliness, just manage the customers expectations. If they have old windows, it’s only gona look so good no matter what you do. For brand new vinyl windows, they will look amazing, etc…

For cleaning, I would buy a good little shop vac and get a couple of plastic putty knifes. You won’t always need a shop vac(For casements, a wet rag and a putty knife worked best for me), but it will defintely come in handy for deep tracks on single hung windows or sliders.

Also, I have never used pledge, but I would steer clear of anything but a wax candle. it’s cheap and it doesn’t seem to attract dirt like other lubes.

Hope all that helps.

We clean the tracks and frames of every window as part of our standard service. How can you say you cleaned the window when you only wash the glass?


I use a stiff grout brush and a cordless vacuum (corded on most CCU.). I then scrub with a heavy-duty sponge and wipe with a microfiber towel.

For sales prep, I have even pulled out the bottom om vinyl windows and detailed below.

There are many threads on this subject.

I also clean the tracks as part of normal window cleaning at the same time, I’m not going to make a project out of it. If tracks in sliding windows are super dirty I’ll skip the tracks on windows and screens that don’t move and just clean what the customer can see.

We do a “light wipe” with the window cleaning. Which is up to three wipes on the sill. Which usually gets everything up.

We also make it known that we do a “soiled sill” cleaning. We charge a high price for this because a lot of times it can take longer than doing the window inside and out. We do make a disclaimer that it won’t get some stains out though.

An average one customer a week requests this, if the regular wipes don’t work.

When a window sill is soiled, we usually charge by the type of window sill they have… more ridges on the sill, the more we charge.

We charge for tracks and screens.

Same here tracks $4 each and screens $5 and $10 being the full size or we wipe them quickly down inside for free