Has anyone seen Kevin online?

Hey just wondering, i know im not on here as much as before, due to being so busy, but has anyone seen one of our marketing guru’s Kevin (paneless) ?

I know he was taking things a bit slower, due to a health scare. If your on Kevin hope all is well!

Ive emailed him a few times … no response… Im sure hes just relaxing a bit.

Haven’t heard a word or got my free copy of his book. :frowning:

That seems out of character for Kevin to just vanish like this.

At one point he had a problem with the publisher delaying printing of some additional books. I don’t know if that’s the case anymore.

in his video he said his “chest pains” came after he went to meet that dude from whatever country he was from…

maybe they stole him :slight_smile:

I really find it strange he did not get back to Chris. Is he taking a break from saying “yeah Chris, I am fine dude”

I hope the chest pain thing did not turn into something else. Someone should get on the phone and call him.

I tried that and all I got was a recording promoting his company and a opportunity to leave a message. :confused:

Perhaps he’s taking a forum break. I know a few who have just disappeared for a year or so before they come back.

Sounds like a good idea - I probably need a break myself… :o

I hope not, I’ve been finding your posts really instructive and interesting lately, despite the big argument.

Hey ladies and gents…sorry, been major-distracted of late, but back in the game again here at WCR.

Short story: Had to fire old staff, and start from scratch with new team, and do some serious damage control along the way. Very annoying and expensive, but hey - what can you do?

Thx for caring y’all…

Feeling great, too. Strong. Healthy. Balanced again…

And Mark - didn’t forget about you man. The sun will rise! I’d say “soon” but I think I’ve talked enough…just trust me a tiny bit more…

Seems like I missed a lot…gonna have to spend a few hours catching up on all your great posts and ideas!

Nice to see ya back Kevin! missed some of your unique marketing ideas!

Sucks to hear about letting go of old staff, i guess you just gotta get rid of dead weight when you want to progress right? anyhow nice to see ya again!

good to see your ok Kevin. Welcome back.

Thx guys…yeah - when you start losing business and compromising core values, and everything you’ve worked hard to build, its time to get serious and make some deep changes.

Too much risk to let things carry on as they were.

Not fun, very annoying, and extremely expensive and frustrating, but still necessary in the end. Oh well. People are the hardest part, right?

Good guys that I let go, just not for my company and definitely not right now.

Hey, its the chest-pain man. Good to see you back Kevin, I know the feeling - found a stone in the cahones around a year back - turned out to be nothing! But pretty scary waiting for the results. You have a PM.

[I]“found a stone in the cahones around a year back - turned out to be nothing! But pretty scary waiting for the results.”[/I]

Yikes. Amen on the scary thing…glad it was nothing…

Glad to have you back Kevin. We have missed our [I][B]Resident Marketing Adviser![/B][/I]

Glad your ok Kevin. I did some re-organizing myself.

Mark - that is an AMAZING vehicle wrap. Wow. Is that for real, or just a proposed preview?

That is real buddy! It was a real PANE to install! I wanted to make some changes this year, while my other work vehicle is nice, this has lots of advertising room. Now if I can just keep the people calling in, I would be in good shape. When it is all said and done, it will be great, but it takes lots of money, time and etc to get all the machinery setup and installed. So right now I am still waiting and impatient.