Has anyone tried these Facebook advertising tricks?

I post on Facebook buy/sell groups a lot. They’re my primary source of business, as a matter of fact. So far, all I’ve been doing is posting a “for sale” post for pressure washing/gutter cleaning/window cleaning, but there are a few ways you could potentially get more customers - for free- from these groups, and I am curious if anyone has tried them.

  1. Facebook will not let you Change your name to first name: John last name: Smith Pressure Washing. It detects the business name and won’t let you add that to your personal account. However, you can do this:
    First name: John
    Middle name: Smith
    Last name: Pressure Washing

Funny, I know. This could get you some more visibility in buy/sell groups when people see your name.

  1. The bigger one: Posting a live video feed to a buy/sell group. Maybe clean half of a house and do a walk around on camera or something. Video yourself rinsing off all the algae, or cleaning a window, or taking stuff out of a gutter, etc. Live videos send a notification to anyone in the group that would say something like “John Smith Gutter Cleaning posted a live video to [group name].” Obviously, that would get you a lot of attention, especially if you combine it with the first step.

So, has anyone tried these out?

I post in many local buy sell groups every Thursday, I just post a very simple and as a link to my business fb page with my number. It generates a good amount of work for me.

Here is a thread I posted a pic of the basic ads I run. People in groups like simple ads in my area.

Couldn’t share link here’s the title it a recent topic here should be simple to find @Fredled