Has anyone used Send Out Cards?

Some marketers think this is a great form of marketing. I just started out about 4 months ago. And was wondering if this can really drive up business to try to get referrals from existing customers by schmoozing them with a gift or with an array of positive message postcards. Anybody use this method? What do you think of it? Would you recommend it to someone just starting out? As far as I know there is a monthly fee for using it.

I actually looked at the time I saw this posted and was wondering how
long it would take to get a ‘rep’ to respond.

Customer communication is VITAL to keeping them as more
than satisfied customers. (most of us only talk to them when
we want something)

Send out cards is fine. Most people have issues with it because
of the people pushing it hard (to get commission).

Will these cards get us more referrals? Not the cards alone. People
need to be more than satisfied with their experience and then be
asked for a referral. (most of us are too passive to do this)

Sending out cards or letters is usually WAY more than any other
business does. How many have any of you got lately?

It does stand out, but it’s not enough if the experience was not
great. Avoid becoming an affiliate of SOC and it will do your
business well. (as the focus becomes selling more SOC
memberships rather than making happy customers)


Yep me to! Anytime someone mentions sendout cards a rep will respond within 12 hours. They must have google alerts set up for it. I always ban them, and they usually curse me out.

Lol :slight_smile:

Send out cards is ok. I used a couple of their free trials! I would hate trying to be an affiliate though. I guess I am still not a believer in send out cards.

So send out cards is not worth the investment correct?

I see Kevin D. mentioned send out cards in his thread about 17 ways to be a successful window cleaning business owner. Never heard of them until then. Sounds like a good way to keep in touch with clients. I’d be interested to see other experience using them.

I was first introduced to send out cards through a business partner I had when I first started cleaning glass. I loved how send out cards kept you in touch with your customers, both before and after jobs, but I would cringe every time said partner would talk/sell to our customers about becoming a representative for SOC themselves as he’s giving them our invoice for the window cleaning. It really caused a major problem between us as much of his focus was now gaining more members for send out cards and not growing our own business.

Long story short, I don’t have that business partner anymore but I still use send out cards in my business almost every week. I’ve never once asked someone to use me as a referral for SOC’s, and like Kevin mentioned, think the MLM aspect is annoying, but love it as a way to thank our customers for using us after we’ve been in there home.

I’m not a fan of MLM. Tried a few different things in the past with poor results. I can understand being cautious about it. I could see how you would feel about approaching your clients about “a business opportunity”. That’s what I hated about them. For awhile my friends and family avoided me… lol.

Have you experienced any increase in referrals from using Send Out Cards?


It’s really hard for me to know a referral I got was because I sent that customer’s friend/family a card after their cleaning. Whenever we get a referral we obviously ask who it was from, but I don’t dig any deeper than that asking if it was because of SOC’s. Generally, I think a customer would refer your services to a neighbor/friend/family member if they were happy with your work, but it’s that extra stuff that’s gold and can separate you from the pack: Uniform’s, custom invoices, shoe covers, send out cards, etc…

So, I can’t give you a very accurate answer to your question Peter (percentage wise). I get a lot of referral business in general, is it because we use send out cards? Not 100% sure. I do know this though, I’ve seen our post cards on customers refrigerator’s that were over three years old. And that’s why I feel it’s important we use them… so our customers don’t forget us! :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me know. By the way, do you have any type of technique that you use to get referrals? The reason I ask is because you mentioned that you get a lot of referral business in general. That peaked my curiosity.

Do you ask your customers for referrals?

Some have an incentive (% off, etc.) programs.

Again… nothing against Send Out Cards… I think its a great concept.


My name is Jon and Yes I am a SOC Independent Rep. however in my business I look for “customers” Just like You do for your business.
As for your question, Yes, using a followup system like SendOutCards is a great way to get referrals. Have you ever heard of Joe Girard?
Joe was a car salesperson who worked at a Chevrolet dealership in Detroit, Michigan. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Joe sold.
more retail automobiles for 12 consecutive years on a one-on-one basis, than anyone else in the world. All of Joe’s business came from referrals. What was Joe’s secret?

Joe developed a system of staying in contact with his customers and potential clients. Every phone call or personal contact he made, Joe would write down on a file card any.
relevant information. He then sent everybody on his list a unique greeting card every single month! These weren’t high pressure sales letters, just friendly reminders to let people know.
that he was thinking about them.

With SendOutCards as a customer you have 3 options, Pay as you go, (points cost $.49 to $.99 ea.) Retail Customer $9.80 per month (gets you 20 points at $.49 ea) or as a Preferred Customer $31.00 per month (gets you 100 points) No commitment, Cancel anytime! See: https://www.sendoutcards.com/start/

So whether you use SendOutCards or not, the key to referrals is to keep in contact with your customers!

Best of luck,

Jon Thompson

Hi Jon,

Thanks for that info. I did end up signing up for SOC and have done a little. I haven’t come up with a way that I’m confident with to stay in touch with my customers without being frivolous or cheesy and coming off with only a sale in mind.