Has anyone used Winsol Screen Cleaner?

Has anyone used Winsol Screen Cleaner? I love Screen Magic, which I have used for 3 years, but I thought I would try Winsol, which costs 1/4 as much. How does it compare? Is it as easy to use? Using Screen Magic, I always spray off dust and dirt with a hose first. Then when the screen dries, I spray on Screen Magic, and then (quickly) spread evenly with a dry washer. Most screens look beautiful and brand new. Can you spray on Winsol, or do you have to hand rub it in “with a cloth in circular motion, turning the cloth often” as instructions say?

That’s all we use. 2 oz in 3 gallons of water is usually enough. Unless the screens are real bad then we use 3-4 oz. Apply with a strip washer and tap dry.

Every tech I’ve hired have all said that they did screens another way and that our screens are definitely the cleanest they have seen.

I think your going to waste more time taking out all the screens walking them to cle trial screen washing station then hand washing all the screens then rinsing them Dow then tapping them dry then having to walk them around trying to remember which screen goes in which window… We use speedy screen it just saves us soon much time. We pop out the screen clean it. Then wash the windows and pop the screen back in and move to the next one. Once were done with the outside we walk inside and knock it out no need to run screens all over trying to figure out where they go

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Brass Squeegee, the instructions of Winsol Screen Cleaner & Sealer say to use the entire gallon in 3 gallons of water. You use 2 ounces. That is 64 times more diluted. I suspect you aren’t getting the full effects of the “cleaning, sealing, and protecting” that the product claims. Cleaning is part of my normal service, where I use my normal soap mixture with strip washer (or hose them down if really bad.) I make extra money by the extra service of “treating and sealing” the screens. I charge an additional $1-$3 per screen to treat the screens (depending on the size). The difference in income is significant. Mike Decious480-543-9689

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I haven’t heard of Speedy Screen, and I can’t find it online. It sounds a lot like Screen Magic, which you also spray on. Screen Magic claims that you don’t have to wash the screens first, but I have found that if the screens are pretty dirty, the Screen Magic only masks the dirt at best, and shows swirls of dirt at worst. I have read that this is true of other “screen cleaners” as well. So I clean the screen before I “clean the screen”, and then they look superb and are truly treated and “sealed”. I do leave them by the window, unless I need to hose them down and the ground would get too muddy. I have a permanent marker handy in case I have a number of screens like that. Mike DeciousSee Clearly Window Cleaning

You are correct. Our only goal is to get them clean and that does the trick. We don’t advertise any of the other benefits of the solution. We only insure they have clean screens when they are done.

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It’s pretty easy to keep screens in the order you took them out.
I usually have 1 guy on the inside and one on the out and we always take all the screens outside to clean them away from the windows.

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Tried it and didn’t like it. It did not yield the results I was looking for. I can get the same results scrubbing with Dawn and rinsing.

Glad to hear you are loving the product!
Seems like your getting great use out of the Screen Cleaner.
Please feel free to call us if you ever need any technical help!