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Hold your shut off valve in your hand or attach it to your belt to assure you can quickly turn on and off your pure water flow to minimize waste.

On windows that do not have smaller panes (like commercial windows or double hung windows without divided lites, casements etc.), rather than lift the entire brush off the glass to rinse, lift just one side of the brush off the glass and keep the other resting on the glass and just drag it back and forth down the window to rinse. The brush, which is clean, rests on the glass the whole time you rinse. Less fatigue is involved.

That was actually a tip from a man who has been using a WFP since the eighties, so I can’t take credit for this tip. It made using WFP’s instead of ladders 50 times more enjoyable!

When you need to cut off water supply between windows grab your pole hose and pinch it. No knobs to turn…carry your pole to the next window and let go of the hose and start washing. So simple but I never even thought of it until I saw Don Alcanter do it one time when we worked together.

Plan your hose placement ahead of time with the use of signs and safety cones/hose guides and modular hose protectors to avoid trip hazards for yourself, customers and bystanders, also to avoid any damage to your customers property as well as damage to your own equipment.

SAVE YOUR WRISTS: Wear IRONCLAD GRIPWORX, or similar glove, to reduce fatigue. These gloves are so sticky you can hold a 45’ WFP with both palms open. Wrap a 1" wide strip of grip tape at the top of the pole, near the gooseneck, to make changing goosenecks (especially IPC fliplocks) easier. Works on conventional poles as well.

Use a plumber’s rubber reducing coupling as a one-size-fits-all butt ring. It’s taper will let you use it as you add or drop sections.

Heat your water after purification using a tankless water heater designed for concession trailers. They run on LP, are freeze proof, have battery ignition, and TDS reads 0. I’ve used one for over a year from Amazon. ($125.00, 5Liter model)

When you first use a WFP on an account and you get spots on the glass, it’s usually not from soap. It’s often from the water pressure being too high and getting water behind the seals (or above the widows, etc…) that causes the spotting. I know, everyone says it’s from residual soap.

Tip: Turn your water pressure down. :slight_smile:

Low pressure is the key to not getting water spots. Always check and be sure you have the right jets in your brush if you continue to get water spots. The wrong jets can make the water come out of the brush too fast and this will make the windows spot.

Buy all your water fed poles and all your pure water cleaning needs at shopwindowcleaner.com!

How’s that for a hot tip?

Unless the full length of the pole is needed, instead of extending the upper sections fully, which are thinner, only extend them half way. Often we extend the upper sections fully and the lower section is totally shut. The pole, especially fibre glass, is then very wobbly. If you only open the upper sections half way, the pole will be more rigid…the less you open the thinner sections, the firmer the pole will be…thereby making it easier to use especially when cleaning three storey or higher.

The biggest timesaver I have ever found is to place a water shutoff on your pole after your hose exits the goosneck and before it Y’s to the brush. Especially with shorter pole work, which is the vast majority of my work, you can both adjust your water flow perfectly, and shut off your water whenever you want without having to backtrack to your water source.

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I don’t use WFP’s.

But Seth you should win…no seriously.

Bizump! - i guess well pick a winner here tomm @ some point… Any others folks?

Great tips everyone thanks so much!

Although I really liked Seths tip best… :cool: This one is going to go to Troy. - I found his tip to be very true. Troy expect something in the mail… Everyone else expect to see some of your tips, in our new guide coming out in a couple of days. [B][I]“A guide to understanding WFP’s”[/I][/B]

It will make an announcement where you can download it for FREE in a couple of days.

(If you would like your tip to not appear in the guide just let me know and I will exclude it.


(Troy a little gift shoots out to you today)

THanks Chris, I thought they were all great tips as well.

Yea they were for sure… great stuff…

I have a tip… Don’t use your wfp to pole vault.

Warning: This device is not for use as a self showering unit! :smiley:

Well I can’t wind anything now, but I’ll share anyway.

I have a great and easy way to get over ledges. Of course you could buy and use deep reach goosenecks. I have a 24 inch Gardiner gooseneck myself.

But, when I have a ledge that is just a few inches deep, I reverse my adjustable gooseneck. See attached pic. This gets over ledges that are around 6 inches deep.

…ummm, how do I insert a picture now? It used to be so easy. This is a great tip, but you need to see the pic to understand.