Have You Heard Of Norwex?

In short, yes I have. But that doesn’t stop people from telling me how I should use it to clean windows. Let me explain:

Went to a home show today, I walked around and just talked to people. I’m not sure about setting up a booth so I wanted to get a feel for it. Maybe next year. I think at least 3 I spoke with asked if I use it or if I have heard of it.

I know it shouldn’t annoy be, but it does. I’ve used it before cleaning with my wife and IMO squeegees do 10x better. Even then my wife only used it because the customer already owned it and asked us to use it. If Norwex is so great, why haven’t they put squeegees out of business yet? Am I being too judgmental?

I just felt like it wasn’t a good first experience. Maybe I’ll go back and try again tomorrow?

Ask them how my many cloths you’d need to clean several hundred panes of glass… in one day?

Its a product aimed at the housewife, not a professional window cleaner, I watched a you tube video to see what it was as I had never heard of it before I assumed it was one of those vacuum type squeegees, turns out its just a rag…

I have seen these type of rags before over the past 15 years or so, I remember my ex wife buying some enjo or w/e they were called back then.

If a customer asked me to clean all her windows with a rag I would tell her the price just quadrupled and I would not be responsible for any streaks.

You can’t really compare a professional window cleaner to a special rag.

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It’s just a waffle microfiber isn’t it?

What do you mean?

Microfiber has different weaves. The waffle weave looks a lot like Norwex


There are a few other threads on this cloth

My house cleaner left one at my house so I tried it as a detail cloth and wasn’t impressed.

Were you all using it with pure water?

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I had an older couple tell me it would be a lot easier and faster for me to use the Norwex cloths they use on the inside of their windows. I was too nice to mention how while I was cleaning the exterior I noticed how smeared and smudged the insides were.


As far as waters and mixtures go, I heard that a 50/50 of pure water mixed with isopropyl alcohol works best.

Any other opinions or suggestions?

Simply pure water is recommended. A fishscale weave over loop weave. Or Unger Ninja.
These are superb: