Heavy duty hard water removal?

I’m currently using titan a-1 hard water removal for some glass panes that have extreme amounts of calcium and hard water deposits on them and I’m looking for something stronger if out there? These stains are being stubborn even after using titan a-1 and steel wool, any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks folks!

My opinion is that A-1 is more for lighter weight stuff. I like Mr Hardwater because it has no acid in it and it works well, particularly if you use an electric polisher rather than just by hand. I also like Diamond Magic and Sorbo, but Mr Hardwater is my go-to for denser stuff. Bar Keepers Friend is great too for lighter weight removals.

Thank you!!

Hammer, than the customer can start with new glass and experience the real coast of replacement! LOL
This is a difficult single answer: We have tried Mineral Shock, One-Restore, Vinegar Extra Strength and the most recent purchase of Windsol 120. However, my guys have avoided Windol 120 thus far as it is recommended to wear a respirator when applying. Vinegar from Publix has given better results. We are also still hopeful for a better performing product someday! Hope this is helpfull.

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