Hello all from Steven at Wind O' Washin'...!

Finally got around to joining the WCRA. Seemed like the most opportune time to do this and I can’t wait to see how the WCRA helps Wind O’ Washin’ grow this year before the snow flys again in the Twin Cities…LOL! Wind O’ Washin’ has a new Sales and Office Manager now, which is already helping handle all the new business that is flooding in. I was doing all the marketing and sales myself for the past 3 years, but in order to grow and have a life somewhere between breaths, I have been very blessed to find Treasa Severson to assist me with customer relations. Not sure where to begin really with the WCRA, looks like lots of valuable things to help our company grow. The direct mail post cards are first on our list as well as getting listed in the insured window cleaners directory ASAP. Need company service contracts right away to up our biz game, as we are currently using generic contractors statements to give to our clients at this time. Need more industry specific service agreements for Wind O’ Washin’ very soon. Any suggestions much appreciated!

Thank you much,

Steven & Treasa

Welcome Steven. The WCRA postcards were huge for me. When I look at the flyers I had before it just saddens me.

As for the service contracts, pro-posal is awesome for bids. But if your looking for multiple year or year long contracts I would suggest starting a thread in the WCRA forum. Lots of bigger guys on here who can help you.

Good luck killing the rest of 2014.

Welcome to the forum.

I think you made the right decision It was a Great idea to join the WCRA… it has changed my business for the better.

And as James said “Pro-Posal is awesome for bids”!

Welcome Steven great decision. Catchy name love it

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