Hello everybody

I’ve been cleaning for the past 15 years, fulltime for just about 10. I took the part-time, family owned janitorial service over in '99 and turned it into a full time job. Started cleaning windows about 5 years ago when I had a feeling that my then biggest commercial customer was going to request the job. So I bought a whole bunch of scrubbers and squeegees and started to figure things out. At this point I am pretty burned out on office cleaning and I am trying to beef up the window cleaning side of the business. I am really new to the world of blogs, but I have learned a ton of things in the past few weeks already ,and hope to continue to improve, learn and grow.

Welcome Gerd!


Hey Gerd!

Good to see you over here. Chris & Alex are great guys and always willing to help.

Dwight Rowe
Jencor Services, LLC
Severn, MD

Welcome Gerd!
Good to meet you the other day.


Gerd… whats up… glad you made it over.

Howdee Gerd



Welcome Gerd!
The janitorial and window washing services dove tail nicely. I used to do both as well. May I suggest that you check with your insurance company to make sure you’re covered properly. I believe the rates for windows and janitorial are different.
Now I just do windows!:smiley:

Hi Gerd

Gerd of you to introduce yourself.

[SIZE=“1”]Sorry, that was dumb.[/SIZE]

That was funny.

Hey Gerd… Welcome!