Hello everyone, Beluga Here!

Hello Guys.
I’m from Darien, CT.

I been in this business 3-4 years. Hope to learn good stuff in here…

Henry I Mutlu


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Darien is nice, I’ve had my eyes on an expansion up there for some time :slight_smile:

Welcome, Henry.

Thank you so much everyone;-)

I been doing mostly carpet, upholstery, tile grout cleaning and pressure washing. If any body have any question about those pleasure to help. I think i have good knowledge about those jobs. My many cleint been asking windows cleaning, i didnt do much, but this year i will push it. I have to, two kids and hungry ex wife! Specially planing to fallow up to pressure washing with wc.

Thank you

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Welcome to the forum…Enjoy.

hi there!



Thank you every one…


Yo…Bigshark, good hav’en you ! Say hows the weather over there in CT…?


Aww God, tell me about it.
Weather enough cold to not able to windows cleaning! If I don’t have kids in here with my ex I’ll move to south! Like FL CA…

Dang no way would I even want to work in the freaken freezing cold…We’re in our mid 40’s today ! Down in SoCal they were in 80 degrees !


WoW 40s 80s is amazing! here right now 20.
My home in death end. Pretty long street, have about 30-40 house, and my place in all the way end. In the begging of street have big hill, I have to claim that hill with my two wheel drive Chevy Express van. Always entering problem getting out other problem! I don’t like it at all! Every where freeze in here!


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Come on buddy just come across the mountains and play in the cold…


19.0 °F
Feels Like 19 °F

We already went through winter here no need to jump back into it !