Hello from Corpus Christi Texas

Hello everyone. My wife and I are starting a new Window Cleaning business here in Corpus Christi. It took a little while to get all the legal stuff out of the way. The business name is ‘GBB Window Cleaning, LLC’ and we will start marketing on Monday…1st of May, it’s when our insurance kicks in.

Back in 2004-2005 I had a residential window cleaning business in Tulsa, OK. DBA, ‘Sparkling Clean Windows’ Admittedly, I had little money and very little knowledge of what I was getting myself into. With no website and just a little marketing of flyers I had work. There was a lot of demand and I found that cleaning windows and gutters was the easiest part of this business. The hardest part of the job was finding people who wanted to work.

Then I had the opportunity to work as a contractor in Iraq for the US Army, running fuel convoys across Iraq. Spent four years there doing that, and other things. Spent a lot of time in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, etc…,met my future wife through a friend I worked with in Iraq. Came back to the States and ran oil in Eagle Ford Shale in Texas.

Three years ago my wife moved to the States, from Thailand, and then we moved to Corpus last year. Pretty new to this market and a lot of unknowns.

We joined WCRA because we know we are going to need help and advice to make this thing get off the ground quicker.

Been reading a lot of great threads on here and it’s nice to see there is a lot of helpful activity here,
Dee, Nong, and Alex


Welcome aboard. Wealth of information here that has help my wife and me with our business. Most likely any questions you have will be answered using the search function. But if you can’t find what you’re looking for or if it’s too old of a thread don’t hesitate to ask!

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Thank you for the welcome Streakerfree. I have found a lot of helpful info here already. All the downloads from the member section more than paid for the membership.
Thanks again,


Welcome to the forum.


Welcome to the best Newbie helping knowledge filled site. While you had worked the filed before you can still learn tips and tricks here.

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Thanks everyone.

I totally agree with you NYCROB.

I am here to learn.


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Hello and welcome to the forum!

Thank you very much.
We start Storefront Canvasing this morning…Wish Us Luck.

Have a profitable day everyone.