Hello from Mississauga! I'm a newbie! A greenhorn! Gonna squeegee my way to success!


Hello WCR!

My name is Kevin Cabral. I’ve decided to start a residential / commercial window cleaning business. I work full time but things are slower plus I want to get out and start my own fulfilling business. I’m solo so I have been using every minute of my spare time to arrange and organize every aspect of this new adventure I’ve set out on. I want to jump right in and start getting the word out that I’m here and ready to do business. I’ve been practicing on my own home, my family’s homes and also friends. I have lawn signs on order (they’ll be ready in 4 days). Also I’ve invested in promotional door hangers because I believe they’re an effective tool in advertising. I’ve spent hours watching all you pros on YouTube and certainly gained a lot of insight and valuable knowledge. Gotta love YouTube! So this is my shout out to everyone. I find it great that all you good people are willing to join together and all help each other out. I like the fact that WCR exists and appreciate that you pros are willing to help out the newbies and not fell threatened thinking everyone is out to steal their business from them. I always try and imagine how many windows are out there in the world? There’s enough glass for all of us. Exactly how much? Billions??? Trillions??? Dunno? Thanks everyone and I look forward to the road ahead knowing I’ve got a great WCR family behind me willing to share and mentor me.


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Hey Kevin, welcome! Enjoy your new venture!

Welcome to WCR Kevin!
good luck with your new business.

Welcome Kevin! There are so many experienced window cleaners on the WCR forum. You will learn so much from them!

Good Luck with your new adventure.

Welcome and Good Luck.